Gulf Shores Amusement Park

Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA
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Location games last seen on:1999-12
Last change to this page:1999-12

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1943 The Battle Of MidwayCommandoFinal Lap 2Galaga
KarnovSuper Hang-On (Cockpit)Super Monaco GP (Cockpit)Twin Eagle

Comments on This Location
2006-12-08Brian LGulf Shores Amusement Park was a tiny, tiny little park with only a few kiddie/fair rides. This says it "was in danger of closing at the end of the 2004 season. Hurricane Ivan sealed the deal by destroying the park." The other 'park' in Gulf Shores is Waterville. When I went in Sept '04 (just before Ivan hit), it had a large arcade with several classics, including Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. After Ivan hit, the roller coaster there was partly under water. The arcade was upstairs in the building next to the coaster, so I wonder if the water got that high? I have some pics of inside the arcade. I'll try to come up with a list (though it's from '04). I'm surprised there isn't an entry here for this park, unless somenoe goofed and that's what this one was actually for (instead of GSAP)? Sorry, the comments don't allow line feeds.
2006-03-31Lee K. SeitzI haven't personally been to this location, but the odds of these games still being there post-Hurricane Ivan (9/2004) are not good.

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