Mobile, Alabama, USA
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Location games last seen on:2002-11
Last change to this page:2002-12

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Comments on This Location
2008-09-12haterno new games as expected.. all games are way too corny..
2008-08-22KimikoIt's not all bad here like they said, i played DDR and ITG (althoug ITG is down due to repairs) *tear* none of em move around, the workers are cool to me, its not bad like they make it sound.
2008-06-23AnonymousThey have Initial D, Maximum Tune 2, DDR Extreme, and ITG. I know sounds awesome, if only they worked. Initial D's left side has messed a steering wheel and speakers, and the card readers don't work. The Maximum Tune machine does not have cards either. Both the DDR and ITG pads are in very terrible condition, and the ITG machine doesn't even have bars. If that wasn't bad enough, the majority of the employees have a very bad attitude. Not worth the trouble coming here.
2008-01-16tonyI just moved here to alabama recently....Love the ddr games only to find that this arcade is among the worst....Pads are in very poor condition and are obviously not maintained....stablility is very bad...moves around alot on the right pad...and dont bother going to the second pad for stability because the step sensors just dont work...and associates there have a very bad attitude...wouldnt recommend this arcade...try the arcade in Pensacola if you live in mobile...its an hour and a half drive but well worth it if you like ddr

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