Time Out Arcade
(NW Ark. Mall)
Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
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Location games last seen on:1998-05
Last change to this page:1998-05

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GalagaMs. Pac-Man

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Comments on This Location
2011-06-27ruby j the time out arcade in ashboro NC is cool, its usually empty
2011-01-27bluefreakoi remember going to the one in rochester, ny back in the early 1970s. our mom would let my brother and i go to longridge mall to hang out.we would stay there all day. we had a blast.moved to tennessee in 1974,dont know what happen to the arcade. played pinball most of the time.
2010-11-05chrisah good times,good times,the tiime out is gone and replaced into gamezone arcade room.
2009-02-14Toddim going to the one in NY this summer when i visit family
2008-02-08Arial Newchest <3I go there all the time with my brothor and we have fun, well he has fun. Im emo and all so things liek that dont entertain me much!
2007-07-23MissionTime-Out is the greatest thing that ever coulda happened to a gamer. Please put an arcade in every mall again. P.S Put a arcade in a secluded location in Rochester NY, Henrietta area it will make alot of money and attract alot of gamers.
2001-03-16beni come to your arcade all the time on saturday! and i realy love it when you get in new games to! and i realy love it there

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