Guys Family Rec Center

Place Terrace, Brit. Columbia, Canada
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Location games last seen on:1999-04
Last change to this page:1999-04

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Baby Pac-ManBubble BobbleDonkey KongDonkey Kong Junior
Double DragonDragon's LairGalagaGalaga '88
GauntletHang-OnIronman Ivan Stewart's Super Off RoadKarate Champ
Kung-Fu MasterMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)NARCP-47: The Freedom Fighter
Pole PositionR-TypeRoad BlastersRolling Thunder
Space InvadersSuper SprintTetrisTrack & Field

Comments on This Location
2010-04-13BruceWhat is the address?
2009-07-28BraidoI put this location & list up on this website back in 1999. I am happy to say that this Arcade is still going strong today (2009).I puchased most of the "classic" arcades though, including: Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Centipede, Donkey Kong (2 of them), Donkey Kong jr., Defender, Crazy Climber, Space Invaders, Mr. Do, Q*bert, Tron, Dragon's Lair, Frogger, and a BurgerTime. The arcade is still there but with mostly newer games from the 1990's and now left.
2009-07-28Shaymiehe didn't buy all of them. still at this location are classics, suck as: 2 upright Ms. Pacman machines, 2 cocktail Ms. pacmans., 2 galagas, Qix, Joust, There are actually 2 Pole Positions, Defender, Kangaroo, Castle Wolfenstein, Excitebike, Bubbles, Gauntlet,Star Trek, 1943 The Battle Of Midway, NARC, The Simpsons, Time Pilot, Solar Fox, Bagman, Astroids, Night Driver,Stunt Cycle, This list is up to date as i was there today! Awesome arcade that has been in our city since 1977 (i asked the owner today, orignal owner still operating) 6,000' building, many, many, games...

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