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Anaheim, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:2014-09
Last change to this page:2014-11

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Arkanoid Asteroids Battlezone Centipede
Dig Dug Frogger Galaga Galaxian
Joust Missile Command Mr. Do! Pac-Man
Pole Position Punch-Out!! Qix Rampage
Road Blasters Robotron: 2084 Scramble Stargate
Super Cobra Track & Field Yie-Ar Kung Fu Zaxxon

Comments on This Location
2015-05-04Calamity CoyoteIm glad they still have the Pac-Man machine.
2010-01-17OlympianbabeWOW..when I go to Disneyland I have got to see this for myself. I heard that there are horseys in there and when i get to go to Disneyland one day I'm gonna ride them all.
2005-12-09DavidAlthough I didn't go into the Tomorrowland arcade when I was at Disneyland on Dec 5, 2005, I did look inside briefly, and saw that Ms Pacman / Centipede combo mentioned before. So, that is still there.
2003-12-29EricThe only classic games I saw in the TomorrowLand arcade behind StarTraders (which seems to be the only arcade IN the park) are Centipede and the Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga class of '81 combo. There may still be a Star Wars and Pac Man mini-cabaret lurking but I didn't notice them. The upstairs portion of this arcade has been closed for a while now (where most of the classics and pinballs used to be). There's an arcade at the Disneyland Hotel with a Tron and Ms. Pac-Man (no admission required).
2001-02-02MichaelBlood Brothers has been gone for sometime now.

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