Playboy Mansion

Holmby Hills, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:2004-08
Last change to this page:2004-09

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Centipede Donkey Kong Frogger Pac-Man

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2017-09-29KarlI met Hefner in 1985 at the Ambassador Hotel in Chicago on his reunion tour strong handshake and he remembered the gift I sent him, very cool!
2009-03-06John Y.the address is 10236 Charing Cross Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90024 and here is a MAP foo !,+CA+90024&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=36.589577,69.082031&ie=UTF8&ll=34.076668,-118.429627&spn=0.001169,0.002108&t=k&z=19&iwloc=addr&iwstate1=dir and Phone nUmber 310-273-6774 ... [Rest of post removed. -- RWM]
2008-09-15JohnDo they show the arcade in the new "Bunnie House" movie about the Playboy mansion?
2008-09-03JohnI know this is off topic, but I spent many hours trying to identify the Silver Spoons arcade mansion featured in the show's intro, and I did! I even found a floor plan for the building, which of course doesn't match the floor plan of the Silver Spoon's set; but just image how great it would be, if one had unlimited resources, to build a replica of the Silver Spoons mansion, and then marry the set's floor plan to that of the mansion's floor plan. That would be ultimate arcade mansion. Of course, having a bunch of Playboy Bunnies running around would enhance the experience. (: Anyway, the establishing shot of the show is absolutely the Compton Winyates in Warwickshire England. Now, to meticulously draw out the set's floor plan by rewatching the DVDs. That will be a bunch of hard work!
2008-08-23LauraCan you give me the real telephone number from the playboy mansion? the other numbers on this site are wrong. thankyou. Laura.
2008-08-17Adam JoinesdUDE ITS REAL I CALLED A MINUTE AGO IT took a minute the man said Playboy may i help you ITS REAL
2008-07-14Jodie O'HarshYes That Is The Number But To Get Throught To The Girls Is Another Way You Have To Know There Room Number =]
2008-07-11dustinhey thats the real number for the playboy mansion but they wont let you talk to hef or the girls~ you have to have the exct!!!! sorry ppl!!!! (310)273-6774~ the real number!!!!
2008-05-03amandai wanna be a bunny
2007-12-29jiggtry 310-264-6600 or 310-273-6774
2007-12-14dsWhat is the physical adress for the playboy mansion?
2007-11-10lorenwhat is the playboy mansion phone number
2007-10-23LovedYeah I wouldn't say "I love you Hef, or Holly/Bridget or even Kendra" cuse they don't read these things. & by the way if anyone has questions about how to get invited to the mansion for a party just google stuff about playboy it should tell you, I've seen the Q&A page. Its pretty hard to get invited though. So yeaaa
2007-07-24your momthat is the real number
2007-06-18SKANKKKYes, thats the Real Address. THe phone number is also true. But you will never get a hold of the girls. So its not worth trying.
2007-05-30cocoWhat is the # the # it said is high way patrol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-05-243xChaosPictures I took when I was there a couple of years ago.
2007-03-29frankdo you have the number for the playmate house
2007-03-20loudogz617I think Brian looked adorable in the costume for Marie Antoinette party. He's a cutie. I love the show.
2007-03-02joethat's not the real phone number! why would you have it or how would u get it in the first place?
2007-02-08vickiehugh and the rest of the bunnys i am so sorry about your loss of anna nicole i am so sorry all my love and hugs go to you and your playboy family
2007-01-08Natasha Willisbeing a playboy model is one of my dream jobs kendra u and i are so much a like and holly and bridget u and i love to shop like its nothin i love u guysyour my role models but kendra im srry gurl but my team is the cowboys!!!!
2006-11-10londoni need damn help get me hugh hefners phone number
2006-11-05londonhelp i nedd the playboy mansion phone number and the thre girl cell phone numbers
2006-10-31londoncan i have hugh hefners house and cell phone number
2006-10-26Your bigest fan KelsiYou and the girls rock!Briget is my idol I have to meet you guys,or work there.
2006-10-26RyanI love you guys
2006-10-19Briannahow do i get invited to the mansion?
2006-10-08pati was there for mid-summers, it was bomb. it was just such a wild group of people, it was out of control! i was actually in the tv show, when they filmed mid-summers, i was standing at the
2006-04-11Cralahi i know the fone number for the mansion but i live in the UK so dose any one know what the area code is or the number i would need to make an outgoing call ?
2005-11-26Greg W.I want to work at the playboy mansion.
2005-04-10RohanHappy 79th B-day Hef...Hope you bought stock in Viagra...
2003-11-20on the inHef has 4 playboy pinball machines, pacman, donkey kong, cenepede, frogger, space invaders(pinball), police shootout, wave rider game. PLease do not call that number it makes my job annyoing!
2003-11-20correct adressits actually in Holmby Hills, not Beverly Hills
2002-04-02LexusHey maybe one day i might pose for play boy ;) be miss September .. :P but until then i'll just wear playboy attire all the time ;) even designed my room with the playboy bunny logo on it hehe
2001-11-09Christian BazelaHi Hugh, How many arcade and pinball games do you have in your private collection just wondering.
2001-08-16Paul GunnI was there on Tuesday 8-14-01 for a Pete's Wicked promotion and there were 2 of them there. Eat your hearts out folks, I was invited to the Playboy Mansion for a beer promotion! I got kicked out of the Grotto also (but not the party).
2001-08-14methe playboy mansion is at 10236 charing cross road, beverly hills, california. the phone number is 310-273-6774
2001-02-14Tony PAt the corner of YouWish St and KeepDreaming Blvd.
2001-01-30jacobdoes anyone know the address of the playboy mansion?
2000-12-13ChrisYes, I just saw that on MTV...
2000-12-08david oliverif i recall from the limp bizkit playboy bash on MTV i think i saw a defender...
2000-12-01Tony PIt's been seen in the background on TV shows.
2000-11-22ChrisUm, who figured this one out?

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