Scandia Family Fun Center

Fairfield, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:2006-09
Last change to this page:2006-10

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After Burner Arch Rivals Arkanoid Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh
Asteroids Battlezone Cabal Centipede
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat Final Lap Frogger G-LOC
Galaga Galaxian Hang-On Hard Drivin'
Heavy Barrel Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Joust Millipede
Missile Command Ms. Pac-Man Omega Race (cockpit) Pac-Man
Paperboy Pitfall II - The Lost Caverns Road Blasters Robotron: 2084
Speed Buggy Star Wars Sunset Riders Super Mario Bros.
Super Sprint Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tetris Thunder Blade (cockpit)
Time Soldiers Turbo Out Run Vindicators

Comments on This Location
2008-11-25Scandia Family Fun CenterOur Scandia is becomes into new location of Yucaipa, California.
2007-04-07dougi visited this spot from sacramento. it was pretty decent actually.
2006-10-23Paul DeanI have not been to this Scandia but here is there web page for further inquiry:
2006-08-02samwhere is this place ?
2002-07-08LonOmega Race is unplugged and sitting by one of the exits, also for sale, 250.00 IIRC. I was just there this weekend and a few of the older games had for sale signs on them.
2002-04-29leslie m collinsi use to live at fairfreind can in 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 the solano mall pat arcade and scandia were the places to be back and you were so happy in 1980s were you i was yes
2002-04-27Bill KendrickSorry! I had no idea this was a 'classics only' listing. Sorry! :)
2002-04-27Richard M.Bill: This is still an impressive list. If your list is complete, it would appear that Street Fighter, Steel Gunner, Steel Talons, and The Simpsons should be added to the above list, and that Arch Rivals, Cabal, Hang On, Heavy Barrel, Omega Race, Super Mario Bros., Super Off Road, and Time Soldiers should be removed.
2002-04-27Richard M.After my last post, I realized that Tony would need to be careful in his assessment of "Street Fighter EX2". I know that Street Fighter is considered classic but not Street FIghter 2. Also is "Off Road" from Bill's list and Super Off Road the same? OK, I will shut up now. :-)
2002-04-13Richard M.Bill: That's an impressive list. Bear in mind that this page is for classic arcade video games, such as Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man, that you would have found in the '80s. No way is Dance Dance Revolution a classic arcade game for instance, nor is Terminator 2 Judgement Day, etc.
2002-04-12Bill KendrickUnfortunately, it looks like Tony isn't updating this page any more, so here's a list of games that Scandia had as of March 2002: ### ### ### After Burner ... G-Loc Air Battle ... Thunder Blade ... Turbo Outrun ... Lucky & Wild ... Dance Dance Revolution - 3rd Remix ... Captain America and the Avengers ... NBA Jam - Tournament Edition ... Sunset Riders ... NFL Blitz / NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC (Sports Station) ... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ... The Simpsons ... Slide-It [ video game with sliding puck thing as the interface ] ... War - Final Assault (x2) ... World Series '99 ... Air Trix ... Alpine Surfer ... Star Wars Triolgy Arcade ... Star Wars Racer Arcade ... Mocap Boxing ... Smashing Drive ... Dark Silhouette - Silent Scope 2 ... Maximum Force ... Cart Fury Championship Racing (x2) ... Steel Gunner ... Terminator 2 - Judgement Day ... Rampage World Tour ... Mr. Driller ... Marvel Super Heros ... X-Men ... Blitz '99 ... Locked 'n Loaded ... Carn-Evil ... Time Crisis 2 ... Lethal Enforcers ... Street Fighter EX2 ... Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 ... Mortal Kombat 4 ... Virtual Fighter ... Tekken 2 ... Tekken Tag Tournament ... Off Road ... Daytona USA 2 - Battle on the Edge ... Hard Drivin' ... Final Lap ... Pole Position ... Indy Heat ... Emergency Call Ambulance ... Super Sprint ... Tetris ... Asteroids ... Star Wars ... Centipede ... Millipede ... Steel Talons ... Battlezone ... Vindicators ... RoadBlasters ... Paper Boy ... Missile Command ... Frogger ... Galaga ... Golden Tee '97 ... Robotron: 2084 ... Joust ... Speed Buggy ... Pitfall 2 ... Wind Jammers / Samurai Showdown 2 / World Heros 2 / Bust-A-Move (NeoGeo) ... Bomberman - Panic Bomber (NeoGeo) ... Wheel of Fortune ... Arkanoid ... Ms. PacMan ... PacMan ... Galaxian ... Daytona USA (x4) ... San Francisco Rush - 2049 (x2) ... Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders ... Crusin' World (x2)
2002-03-28Bill KendrickThe Fairfield Scandia is the best arcade anywhere near me (Davis, CA). The one in Sacramento is very weak, when it comes to it's arcade size and selection. It's got a back room full of older titles, and some of the cooler car/helicopter/plane hydrolic games. I highly recommend it!
2002-03-01deliMY good friend theodore wickers works at scandia and he has just made the place awesome,with his genorosity, and curtasey, scandias cool level has just rose from about 100% to 130% NOW THAT THEODORE WICKERS WORKS THERE.
2002-02-23SmithScandia is awesome! If you want to have fun go to Scandia!
2001-11-08GrimbasementI used to go to this place circa 1984. I actually made it back in September 2001 (first time in about 15 years)the classics that were there were Pac-Man, Galaxian, Frogger, Super Mario, Robotron, Asteroids and others... cant recalll all of them...
2001-11-02kenIts so coool!
2001-07-23leslie mcollinsi wish there had laser disc game called cobracommand i just madly in love with this game 1984 is back forever dude dont you forget it ok
2001-03-26JNWoah.. hold on here. If you want to submit more arcade games here. Then follow the directions on how to do so. This page list classic arcade games ONLY! NO current/New Stuff such as WAR, MK4, X-Men, etc). There, I hope I made myself clear.
2001-03-13amptorHow could you forget they have Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat? That's important to put on the list ! That game is what 1984? omg I can't believe you forgot that one ;) It's been there for ages. They also have War, MK4, and some others but those are newer obviously.
2001-02-01JohnThis place is startlingly great.

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