Miss T's Barcade
(ages 21+, open nights)
Los Angeles (Korea T, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-03
Last change to this page:2008-04

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Asteroids Centipede Donkey Kong Galaga
Gauntlet Gun Fight Joust Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail)
Paperboy Punch-Out!! Rampage Robotron: 2084
Spy Hunter

Comments on This Location
2010-07-06timcodeThis is one of my favorite places in LA! It closed a few months ago, but I talked with the owner this week and he said they're joining forces with the place next door. Should be open by August 2010.
2008-07-01lukegood fun
2008-04-04ArcadefanConsidering they don't have a lot of games, they need to maintain them better. I lost several quarters last time I was there because 2 games were broken and one pinball machine was busted too. The Gauntlet arcade game was missing one of the buttons and the joystick wouldn't let you move your player left and right.
2008-03-05BurtThere is finally a classic arcade in Los Angeles and they have beer there. This place is good at what it does and also currently has a Gauntlet, Spy Hunter, Gun Fight (it was on but wasn't working) and a classic Playboy pinball machine. So hooray.
2008-01-13polavisionthey have paperboy and robotron now

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