Pak Mann Arcade (CLOSED)

Pasadena, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-08
Last change to this page:2005-08

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2017-09-08Gil avalosAs of 09/082017 the arcade still remains closed
2017-05-28Amber smithLove you Pablo martinez we had alot of fun there
2013-04-08pablo mi used to loooove this arcade. being in a group home in alta dena, this place was an escape from the harsh realities of my teen years. it may not have been the most well maintained arcade (or the safest place to be after dark), but the fond memories i had there i still cherish to this day. meeting my girlfriend, Amber S, at this arcade was the time of my life. i really do miss the Pak Mann arcade.
2013-03-29gil avalosAs of 2013 the Pak Mann Arcade is still closed.
2012-11-16cphI passed by the old Pak Mann location last Friday, and there is an all-new building there. No trace of the arcade :-( The arcade near LA City College is still there; I havent been inside so Ive no idea if there are any classic games there...
2011-04-26Anonymousthe only arcade i know of that resembles anything like what Pak-Mann used to be is a place right across the street from LACC on vermont between santa monica and melrose in LA.
2009-02-15JonMSableI really miss this place. Sure, it was dark and nasty to look at, but it had the most unbelieveable collection of games I've ever seen. Classic arcade right up to the dollar eating machines. The place was always good place to play - blacked out windows for a dark interior and lots of choices for games. However, it was a crime ridden hell hole. I started going just after I became a cop in L.A. and I never, ever, went into that place without my gun and a few spare magazines. Never saw the prostitution going on, but did see some drug deals here and there and lots of gang activity.
2008-09-06DonIt is a shame that this arcade ended up being a place for crime and other illegal activity. When I lived in Temple City in the mid 80s, this place was a real treat to go to. A lot of games and there was no criminal element around. When my brother got his first car, he would take me over there (I was 13 or 14) and we would have lots of fun playing Double Dribble. The Pak Mann Arcade wasn't always the crime spot it ended up being. It did have its heyday way back when.
2008-02-25PaulI spent a good deal of 1994 at the old PMA. It was the ultimate mixed bag. Tons of great classic games, great pinball, open really late. Dirty, crime ridden, smelly, bad maintenance on the games. I am surprised it lasted as long as it did.
2008-01-04cphAhh, the Pak Mann. When I worked in Pasadena (1990-1991), I'd sometimes stop by after work and play Tempest, or whatever. I never had any problems here, but one of my coworkers got beaten up in the parking lot one night. I stopped going after that. I heard somewhere that the people who owned Pak Mann set up another arcade somewhere else in the San Gabriel Valley (Arcadia? Alhambra?). The new place is (reportedly) much more family/child oriented, though, more like a Chuck E. Cheese....
2005-10-22Akira-kunNot only has Pak Mann closed, the new business in its place, a furniture store, it too is closing and going out of business... Ha ha, the irony. I think it is the location, this part of Pasadena is pretty dead, hardly any pedestrian traffic besides PCC people. Not to mention the fact that the neighborhood itself is ghetto and economically depressed doesn't help. Also, this probably isn't the right or best place for this, but I think Pak Mann was a horrible arcade. It was super noisy, very dirty, had poorly kept machines, and worst of all, lots of bad people. How bad? Prostitutes (even during the day hours), drug dealers (in the back parking lot), and gang members. Also, parking in the back lot is like an invitation to get your car broken into, hit and run, or vandalized. I also hated the bad customer service this arcade had. If something ate your quarter, too bad. Try to complain about a broken game, too bad. You want to change your $10 bill for $2.00 in quarters? Too bad, the lowest denominations they give is $3.00 in quarters. Too bad. I am very glad this arcade died as this place was a crime magnet and an eyesore.
2005-08-09jaster mereelSorry, but Pak-Mann is no more. Last I saw, the location is now a rug dealer. The city, as it appears, won the war and drove the last vestige of wild vidoe game abandon away from San Gabriel Valley. If any of you know if there is a NEW location, please post it, ASAP. I need my fix!
2004-08-22Linus BlanketteYes, this place has Phoenix, but it's sitting by itself in a weird location, so make sure you don't leave until you actually find it.
2003-11-08GlenI have heard that a lot of gangs hang out around your arcade. Is this true? Does anyone know if they are hostile?
2003-08-26JerryI used to go here all the time. Last time I went it was just a shell of it's original self. The employees are just as dead as they always are. Hope it dies eventually. See ya.
2003-07-25WarrenAs of 7/24/03, there is NO LONGER Arkanoid Revenge of Doh, NO Burgertime, NO Elevator Action, NO Gyruss, NO Joust, NO Ring King, NO Tron, NO Jr. Pac-Man, NO Asteroids, NO Dig Dug, NO Galaga, NO Super Pac-Man, NO Bubble Bobble, NO Donkey Kong, NO Mr. Do, and NO Super Sprint. There WAS, however, Title Fight (boxing) and Arkanoid Tournament Edition.
2002-12-17KermixI stopped in yesterday, but forgot to get a few tokens for myself. :( The list of games on their site is more or less accurate, though I didn't take full inventory. As their webpage says, they have earlier hours now than they once did, probably due to pressure from the city and nearby residential areas. It's far from being the place it was in its glory days, but it's still open after 20 years, and that says something.
2002-09-19EricI stopped by this morning and they are still open. It looks like the city requires them to close at 10pm during the week. I'm not sure how long they'll be in business given the neighbor opposition, but the front exterior of the building looks much better than before. I was plesantly suprised to see they now use "20th Anniversary" tokens with a cool Pac-Man logo! I saw the same games as the previous post but did not take a full inventory this time.
2002-09-19Richard M.Just for the heck of it, I visited their web site ( They have not updated the site since before the "Save the Arcade" event last May.
2002-06-24EricAs of Sunday June 23rd this arcade was OPEN & no apparent signs of closure. Unfortunately many of the classics have disappeared. I only saw: Frogger, Robotron, Lady Bug, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Gaplus, Galaga, Ring King & Ms. Pac Man. I may have missed a few, but the classic era of this place has LONG passed. Classic fans should check out Reagan Years in Fullerton, CA.
2002-06-20StephenGive us an update if you can since the flow of information stopped immediately after the save the arcade day. Inquiring minds want to know. Did it get saved? Was it worth saving? What happened? Does anyone know what happened?
2002-06-19VashTheStampedeWell, gonna head out today to see if the arcade is still there. My favorite I've ever been to and I'm hoping its still there.
2002-05-21StephenHow did the "save the arcade" day go? There's been nothing written anywhere on the net about it.
2002-05-17Richard M.Go to page 2 of the following web page: This was written by one of Pasadena's councilmembers, Sid Tyler, who clearly is adamant that this arcade should be closed. He has written more recent feedbacks mentioning Pak Mann, but the one above is the only one that gave some reasons for the opposition to this arcade.
2002-05-17Richard M.Another web page to look at: This is a copy of a newspaper article from the Pasadena Star-News on 7/24/2000. Evidently there was a big push by the city to close the arcade then as well.
2002-05-17gamefreakerThere is a rally/party for the arcade on May 18! With a few arcade record breaker in attendance and a prize to win too. Everyone come and show your support.
2002-05-15StephenThe website looks great. Ok, now I'm confused. If it's such a great place why is the city trying to close it? All the news clips say save the arcade but they don't say exactly why it has to close in the first place.
2002-05-14Richard M.This arcade has a website at Needless to say, you get a much more postive spin on the arcade from their own website than you would reading the comments on this page ;-) But all cynicism aside, it is a pretty good website, check it out. :-)
2002-05-12StephenThese comments don't sound too positive. Why the big push to save the place? If they don't fix their games and the employees aren't helpful then they probably asked for their problems.
2002-05-03Campaign to Save the Pak Mann ArcadePak Mann is in the process of being shut down by the city and in its last attempt to keep it open, the arcade will be holding a huge tournament/promo event on May 18. World champs in Pac Man and other classic arcade games are being flown in to attend the event. Read more about it at: Please drop by to show your support!
2002-04-12[HMDU] Communist ArmenianNot too many games but price is cheap as hell, only $2 an hour. and they got 15 minute billing.
2002-02-24KermixI've lived here all my life, and the problem with the Pak is that it's not quite the best part of town for an arcade. It's not horrible, but you may want to lock your car a block away. ;) A large portion of it was recently gutted in favor of a PC gaming area.
2001-08-19jiggyThese games are way too expensive and your lucky if halk of them work properly. The old asian dude behind the counter won't refund your money if a game eats it.
2001-06-08Lukas MandrakeReal name is Pak Mann Arcade... to help you look it up.
2001-04-21Erich RiceI drive from San Francisco to L.A. twice a year in part to go to this arcade. It's dark, loud, open really late... makes you remember the days before mall arcades with their pastel walls killed the true arcade experience... You gotta go check this place out. Erich
2000-12-20Dantons of great games -- too bad half of them ate my quarters, and the controls on most of them were sorely lacking (try playing mr. do if you can't go right). if they maintained their games, it'd be the best arcade in l.a. unfortunately, they don't.

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