Redondo Beach Pier
(Fun Factory)
Redondo Beach, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:2012-12
Last change to this page:2013-01

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Asteroids Deluxe Centipede Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command Defender/Stargate
Gaplus Iron Man Ivan Stewarts Super Off-Road Joust/Robotron: 2084Millipede
Ms. Pac-Man Pac Man Plus Pac-Man Pong
R-Type Space Invaders Space Invaders/Qix Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Simpsons

Comments on This Location
2018-03-28BojjReally? Oh no!
2018-01-27OlympianbabeI heard that this place will be closing in December 2019. :(
2016-09-20Shredder1966I have been going here for over 40 years and it has always been the best.Atmosphere and Decor are unbeatable .This place has many things others do not, such as Tilt-a Whirl ride , and automatic BB-gun rifle to shoot out the paper star with ! CLASSIC!!!SKI-Ball too.Take a trip back in time .Some of the games are thrashed,BUT the staff is always willing to give FREE games when appropriate. Have Fun !
2015-08-12OlympianbabeWent here on Monday, June 16, 2015. They have 2 coin operated horses, a Bally Champion horse, and a Rodeo Pony. I rode both!!!! The Champion horse was broken, but the Rodeo Pony works. It was fun!!! :)
2012-11-28Keith M.This spot was a great find for me. Updates from Nov 2012: new Joust/Robotron at this location. TMNT video is blurry and poor quality. Space Invaders, Defender/Stargate, most others in perfect condition. Pong paddles seem out of whack, I was not able to return serve the majority of the time. Great location overall!
2011-07-18The Food DudeThis place rocks. Many of the old school games are kept in great shape. Stargate and Asteroids especially. Lots of MS. Pacmans and even a Michael Jackson Moonwalker. Biggest selection of old school games that I have seen, only a quarter. Dave and Busters is a rip, charging $1.25 for Millipede.
2007-08-19OlympianbabeI'm stopping by next summer, I think.I saw that there are coin-operated mechanical horses there, so whatever you do, DON'T TAKE THE HORSES OUT!!!!!!
2003-07-30pacgirlHowdy classic game fans! I went here over the weekend and man has this place changed! :) they still have every game seen here except Baby Pacman, and 720 degrees, but they have new games like Mario Bros., Out Run, Rad Mobile, Ironman Ivan Stewarts Off Road, Danny Sullivans Indy Heat, Playchoice, A Galaga/Ms. Pacman machine, Steel Gunner, Ghosts n' Goblins, Street Fighter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Micheal Jacksons Moonwalker.This place tends to replace alot of games and moves out games alot, but they still the PONG here wich is in pretty good condition and puts this place on the map. The Pengo is in great condition but, the Pacman collection isn't in the greatest of shape.I think everyone should come check this place out and play the PONG! :)
2003-04-15Prester JohnI've been going here off and on for the last few years, and I've seen the classic games slowly disappear or fall into disrepair. I don't think I'll be going back.
2002-04-16MrMarbleJuly 2001: 720degrees, had problems with controls. Baby Pacman(flipper/videogame), worked fine, didn't remember how difficult it was. Gauntlet(or maybe G2).
2001-06-25JamesGyruss, Stargate, and Defender are no longer there. I don't remember Food Fight being there either. They do have a Dig Dug there that plays well.
2001-03-01Glenn SaundersLast time I was there they had an original yellow PONG with dirty pots.

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