Roseville, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:2001-02
Last change to this page:2001-02

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720 DegreesArkanoidCentipedeFrogger
GalagaIronman Ivan Stewart's Super Off RoadJr. Pac-ManMillipede
Ms. Pac-ManPhoenixRampageSuper Sprint

Comments on This Location
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2006-11-07alex lambertThe games at golfland are awesome but the racing games are bull shet
2006-07-25Sexy BeastThis is Andrew and i met this girl at sunsplash she was HOT HOT HOT i mean smokin....i later found out it wasnt a was my a tranny! NEVER GO TO SUNSPLASH ON GAY NIGHT!
2006-07-22funn buggdon't listen to any of the bad commens on here!they probably didn't choose the right person to go with!!!!!!!!!
2006-07-22Brittanythis park is agreat place for friends and family all the rides are so much fun if you have never been you should most defenately go and i garentee you'll have fun!!
2006-06-30TheresaYOUR WEBSITE SUCKS!!!
2005-07-30ambergo to sunsplash if you have never seen a life guard pick up on minors!
2005-07-07AmyI will suck ur dick!
2005-07-07LizzyThis great place has alot of rides that alot of people can enjoy. There is also a pool area for small kids to play around like little slides! I love Golfland Sunsplash and all the cool rides!
2005-07-07JessicaI hate this place! It sucks and there a re no fun rides! They are all boring!
2005-07-07AmandaI have worked there for years and i have gotten a raise since i started! Nobody should work there and definitly we should all tepee this disaster!
2004-08-14Agent Ruen OneGee Tony, I'd like to see you moderate your comment pages a little better than this!
2004-02-24shaunhi yea i work at sunsplash and it is a great job so suck my dick u all
2003-11-18TimIt is very Fun and there are alotta Games! It has all your favorite old games for cheap and yet they still have some pretty new ones for REGULAR PRICES.... Anyway....Fun! I have spent many hours there...
2002-08-19Jonny T.Great environment and tons of great games. You should really go check it out!
2002-07-15BobThe Water Park looks very cool, and the arcade was very fun. I went there from a school in Weaverville, CA. I just have to say that the arcade was the best thing I ever did in so many years.
2002-05-21michellei love it
2002-05-20melissaIT SUCKS!
2002-05-08CrissiFun to go to, but terrible to work at. They treat employees terrible, paying minimum wage and never giving raises. Mangement is very biost and they even cheat u on your hours on your checks! Deffinatly DO NOT WORK THERE!!!
2001-06-24white-ghostIf the lady at the counter likes you like she likes me you get two slices of pizza for one.
2001-02-14Gunstar HeroHave a cool "All you can play" for a flat fee saturday mornings. The great thing is the older games and pins often get left on free play for the whole day. Score!

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