The Spaghetti Factory

Sacramento, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:1998-04
Last change to this page:1998-04

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ArkanoidCentipedePaperboyRoad Blasters

Comments on This Location
2006-09-15KyleI just went there and have been enjoying those games for the last couple years. I always play a dollar or so. I loved the arkanoid so much i bought one at auction for my personal collection. The one at the SF is an old tron cabinet that was converted :( It works but has a weird screen problem where the left side is cool but the right side everything gets larger. It used to freeze but I'd reset it by flipping the switch in the back and it would work fine. The roadblasters has a bad pot. in the pedal and intermittantly works.... Centipendes is cool. No paperboy anymore :( I imagine they won't be there much longer. I was there 9/1/06 SAVE THE CLASSICS!!!
2005-10-07JonWow, this hasn't been updated in AGES. Last time I was there about 2 years ago, some of these games were there but inoperable. sad.

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