Nickel City

San Diego, California, USA
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Location games last seen on:2003-06
Last change to this page:2003-06

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1943 The Battle Of Midway Aliens Buster Bros. Carrier Air Wing
Centipede Donkey Kong Galaga Gate of Doom
Karate Champ Mario Bros. Ms. Pac-Man Namco Classic Collection Volume 2
Rolling Thunder Smash TV Super Sprint WWF Superstars

Comments on This Location
2017-05-29RTAs of May 2017: Nickel City has Centipede, Galaga, Qbert, and a classic multicade machine.
2010-01-11Rob the Classic Arcade HunterOnly 3 classic games here: Ms Pacman, centipede and a Galaga machine that wasn't on. Other late 80s and early 90s games was there too.
2009-03-27Arthur Shingler IVThey don't have donkey kong anymore :( So i bought one for my house :)

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