Boardwalk USA

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
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CentipedeChampionship SprintCircus CharlieMs. Pac-Man

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2017-10-09ArtieI posted more info on Boardwalk USA and Nickels & Dimes arcades on my blog, including my recollection of how the unlimited play concept and card system got started.
2017-09-27ArtieI managed these places and helped build most of them. John Dorrough, who died a few years ago, was the mastermind of all of them, Nickles & Dimes, The Boardwalk, Boardwalk USA and Nickle A Play. Most of them were in Colorado Springs but from 1991 until about 1996 there were some Boardwalk USAs in the Denver area. The first and best was at Havana & Yale in Aurora, there was a small one in Lakewood in the center with Casa Bonita and one on South Broadway in Littleton. I was hired in 1983 to manage one small Nickels & Dimes at Galley & Circle, behind the 7-11. The unlimited play concept started when my friend Larry Frost, a local TV executive wanted to set up a car dealership with video games set on free play. I made a deal to take him a set of abut a dozen games, including 2 Super Mario Brothers, which were absolutely new and caused a sensation among local players. Therefor I can peg the year as 1986.
2017-01-19RickNickels and dimes was the spot in the golden age of arcades early to mid 80s I think it was on filmore or prospect in CoSp. I remember boardwalk in the late 80s on friday night they would have parties where you paid one price and had unlimited games
2015-08-29JeffPretty much dreamland for a 10 year old kid. We used to go straight to the Terminator 2 game. It was pretty sweet having unlimited lives to be able to beat it. We also played an Indy car style game that had steering wheels, and we would drive the cars backwards around the track trying blow up the computer cars. Fun times.
2014-01-24Rick WainioI LOVED this place as a kid. Our mom would drop us off in the morning, and with out prepaid cards in hand, we would play arcade games until the place closed down! Go-karts, mini golf and food! I wish I had pictures.
2014-01-24Rick WainioDoes anybody else remember an arcade called "Nickles and Dimes"? Also in Colorado Springs back in the 1980s.
2014-01-24AnonymousMy email is Let us talk about some arcades!
2013-08-04ShawnaI remember riding the rides like the canoes and there was also a huge maze with tubes to crawl in. There was one ride I particularly remember that was a ball pit and it had a mechanical hill-type thing raise out of the pit and bump people around. Anyone know where to find pictures people have posted? Would love to see the place that is only in my memories...
2013-05-30GottaKnowMy search-fu is weak... Anyone have the old address for the Colorado springs location? Or the bmx track that was near there? Spent one summer there, have a red card around here some place Thanks
2013-01-13Lonny DawsonBoardwalk USA did go bankrupt and the games at the Aurora location got auctioned off. The Owner was able to switch out the PCBs and games were sold in the wrong cabinets. The good games went to the springs and made lots of money. I personally bought all the games from the Lakewood Boardwalk USA. I paid 60 dollars a game. There was over 100 games in the basement. The rarest title in the lot was a Dedicated Major Havoc. More info at
2012-07-20RonnieIts me again! What happen to the gameroom??? Does anyone know? All the gamerooms a heading rock bottom, such as GameWorks, and Celebration Stations!
2012-07-14bigjohnnij@aol.comHey does anybody have a picture of one the cards they use to have? Can I please get a copy? I loved that place. I remember when it was on circle n galley, that was the best!! my email in
2012-04-20RyanI have a lot of fond memories too of Bordwalk USA, however there are still some places such as 1-up, the manitou springs penny arcade, nickel a play where you can find good arcade games.
2012-03-30RonnieWhat happen to Boardwalk USA? Why did it close down?
2011-11-22David PhillipsI used to work at Bordwalk USA located south Havana st. in Aurora Colorado, I really miss the place that was a one of a kind experience
2011-10-13MatteoI remember going there for a birthday party. First time I ever saw Mario Bros 3 and literally had to be pulled away from the machine!
2011-07-11Wayne the real gamerI have the blue card, when Boardwalk USA was $7 all day. And I have the Red card which was when they changed the price to $10 a day. Nothing can compare to Boardwalk USA bros. Happy gaming.
2011-07-11WayneThere is no logic for this type of amusement to be unheard of anymore. No matter how good your PC or console is. You can never replace the real arcade environment that was made at Boardwalk USA. This was the only real arcade next to the bottom floor of most the malls back in the day ( not that the bottom floor mall arcades were this huge, but they were the real deal. ) The closest thing to Boardwalk USA these days is Dave and Busters, and D&B blows hard compared to Boardwalk USA. Someone rich needs to make another Boardwalk USA franchise within all major cities in the USA. Please put one in Dallas, Tx :)
2011-06-26RonnieI use to play there! What happen to the all the Boardwalk USA? I remember you purchase your play cards and use them to play there games! I use to be the manager for PowerPlay at the shopping center in Aurora, Colorado. Until we had to close its doors.
2011-03-15AndrewActually, I think that logic is right, but just doesnt apply to food. Laziness and ease is a factor. The main reason that restaurants still work is because going to them is actually lazier than eating at home. Why cook when you can avoid the time, the act itself, the skill, the shopping, and the clean-up? Why go to an arcade when you can play all the games you want at home and online? Why go to the store when you can shop online?
2011-01-31DanGiven this logic, all eat-in restaurants would be closed because we can make our own meals or order out. There has to be another reason.
2011-01-22MattPlaces like that no longer exist because the Internet and game consoles happened. Sites like Free Flash Games ruined arcades along with Xboxs.
2010-10-30willi grew up with in walking distance of the boardwalk usa in the springs, so needless to say i spent a lot of allowance here over the years. and i agree kids these days are really missing out on some fun
2010-06-11JesseNice. I used to work at the one in Colo. Springs around 94' to 96'. Had a blast working there. Even before that my parents would take me and my brothers there on our birthday. Yay, Memories. My kids are missing out. The only thing that they have now is Chucky Cheese.
2010-06-04AnonymousI used to work at The Boardwalk in Colo. Spgs. as a teenager. I still remember having to wear the blue jump suits. lol I remember me and my friends would love to work the bumper cars and other games but not kiddie world, having to put those kids in and out of the canoe was a hassle. Fun times though!!!
2009-10-26JoshI remember as a kid, about 6 years old I lost my two front teeth while standing on a footstool for some alien shooter game i dont remember name, but i lost balance, hit my mouth on the metal gun (kinda reminds me of the Terminator 2 Arcade setup) and ran over to my brother, drop a tooth and he kicked it under a machine on accident lol, got free pizza and drink till our mom came and got us. I really miss that place, they had EVERYTHING comic shop, magic shop, video I want to relive those childhood days! Thank you Boardwalk USA for the great times ~ Colorado Springs
2008-11-18ToddI used to work at the one on Hampden and Parker in CO back in 1991. They all closed down. Steve Renfrow was co-owner and the designer of the card system. I heard they went bankrupt, but could be wrong.. I do wish they were still around. It was an awesome concept. Remember the SR-2 and the Sega Time Traveler Hologram game? Good times indeed.
2008-10-07StephI loved this place as a kid!!! I live in Florida now and wish my kids had a place like this to hang out.
2007-10-04DustyI have many fond memories of Boardwalk USA. You paid a flat fee and every game was on free play. Later on they used a card system and limited you to 5 credits. However you could get around this simply by putting your card into another machine. In it's later years, they went to a mixed setup with new games that were exempt from the free play system. I believe it finally evolved into an arcade called Nickel A Play.

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