Nickel A Play
($3.50 admission)
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
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Location games last seen on:2002-07
Last change to this page:2002-07

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2009-05-24DawsonI think you guys should probaly make a pokemon system. What you could do is clone all sorts of pokemon and put them in a giant garden and make pokeballs to capture them. You make a sensor on the pokeball so when the pokeball gets near the pokemon it would turn them into a very very smaller one to fit in it. Then it would be your very own and you could battle with it. You could take it home and play with it. If you made this all of my neighbors and me would come of course!
2007-11-28moneybagsits now 4.50 [This post is suspect because a flood of post on different places all originate from the same IP address. Placing in looney-bin for now and will likely be deleted in the near future. -- RWM]

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