Lyons Classic Pinball

Lyons, Colorado, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-01
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Baby Pac-Man Discs Of Tron (Environmental) Laguna Racer Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981

Comments on This Location
2007-06-13Oly-Shee-OTI went there today, a black light-lit nostalgia-fest I can tell you...Now to the current details. Tempest, Galaga, Frogger, Tron, Donkey Kong, Asteroids Deluxe & Papperboy work beautifully. Digdug, Asteroids Deluxe , Centipede & Gorf are Cabaret versions. Battlezone was turned off, and Elevator Action and Space Duel wouldn't accept my quarters (25+ yr old machines are bound to crap out sometimes). I didn't know that Discs of Tron is in the Pinball section (different room). Directions: Drive to Lyons, as you enter you will approach onto Main St. & see "Lyons Pinball" sign, take an immediate left and after turn left again onto Broadway, take the first left which you will see the Oskar Blues Restaurant Bar sign. Park and the arcade is in the sub basement by the pool tables, check out my high score (initials HIM) on missile command & tempest.
2006-08-11gamerdaveI was just there recently during the Rockygrass Festival, awesome gameroom. It had Tron, Gyruss, Asteroids Deluxe, Tempest, Battlezone, Galaga, Gorf, Out Run, Elevator Action, plus many others including all of the Pac-mans. Great place! DW
2006-07-30sneezerTRON WARRIOR, both pictures that I can find on the Lyons Classic Pinball website that show their Discs of Tron show the Environmental version, it is the fully enclosed cabinet. There's one picture on the intro page, and another on the picture page of the video games. Where is the picture that you believe is not the Environmental game?
2006-07-19TRON WARRIORThat is not an Environmental Tron in their pics.
2006-05-10Castle Rock PinballI'm writing in response to Diagoro's statement who called the Carrolls "hoarders". If you mean that they buy machines on regular basis for their personal collection and to sell, then yes, they are hoarders . If you stopped by LCP even once, you would know that if they could have more of their games available to the public, it would happen. This would include rarities and pristine machines(which I, myself, would never let anyone see- let alone touch). Knowing the owners, they probably would invite you up to their home to show you what they can't squeeze into the shop if you came up more that once or twice. In fact, they are in the process of opening up a video arcade at Oscar Blues so that people will have access to their video collection and they can bring in even more pins to LCP for the public to play. As far as the "buy low, sell high" statement- seems like good business sense to me. The prices of the few machines a year that they sell are not any higher than anyone elses. You get what you pay for and never need to worry about being sold a pile when you're expecting a working machine, they would simply never do that. Nobody is ever forced to buy something that they don't want. Imagine that, honest business practices. Plus the actual cost to keep all of the machines at LCP running 100% as often as possible eats up tons of cash between parts and techs. Profit margines are thin at best. The owners of LCP are, first and foremost, collectors who want to share their fantastic toys with anyone who want to come and play or talk pinball/ video- period. This is a statement of fact and not open to dispute, ask anyone who has ever been there for more that 15 minutes. Spraying people you don't know and busting on the best place in the state to play pinball, really?
2006-05-03sneezerSoon to open, Lyons Classic Video Arcade, in a room at the brewpub next door. More classic vids to play, and space for more pinballs at the original pinball arcade. Win/Win situation!
2006-05-03DaigoroI heard these guys are hoarders of games. Bought cheap, sold way high. I don't know ... maybe I'm wrong.
2006-03-16hellionThis arcade is delicious. Many old school, lotsa new school, loving caretakers of the games, and a raucus bing-binging atmosphere. Great brew house around the corner if need to whet the whistle before you go back for more.

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