Arcade Amusements, Inc

Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA
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Location games last seen on:2003-07
Last change to this page:2003-07

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Asteroids Battle Shark Boot Hill Centipede
Crackshot Defender Dig Dug Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Junior G-LOC Galaga Galaxian
Gorf Gun Fight Hang-On Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road
Joust Kick Ms. Pac-Man Operation Thunderbolt
Pac-Man Pole Position Return Of The Jedi Road Riot 4WD
Sky Shark Space Invaders Tron Wheels

Comments on This Location
2012-09-11MichaelThe old machines are definitely on there way out here. They use to have a hug outdoor (covered) section with these games but no longer. They still have a few of the oldies but most are gone which is a shame as this place was so much fun!
2011-11-20VMC72 arcade cabinets. 100s of pinball games. the arcade games are great but the pinball collection is amazing. they have games from the 1940s on up to 2000s. you HAVE to play Revenge From Mars pinball. its a pinball game and video game (mirrored onto the table) in one.
2011-06-16LeoMy wife and I just happened to stumble onto this place. It is very nostalgic; I had not played these games since I was a kid. All games were in perfect working order without any missing components like you see in most pizza parlor joints these days. This is a must stop for any classic arcade fan. Manitou is a great place for outdoor adventures, as well.
2011-05-22Tom BainWent to this arcade this month and it is truly amazing! So many games even including rare fair-type oddities. classic prices too - many 25cent, 10cent, even penny games!
2010-12-30Jason TI live in the Springs area and just visited Cave of the Winds looking forward to the classic arcade in the basement. Unfortunately, they closed it down. However the Arcade Amusements in Manitou is still going strong.
2007-10-03MichaelFlickr has some pix of the Manitout Arcade - like and
2007-09-23BeansThis arcade has WAY more then just 28 games! there are all sorts of amazing things to do here! a must see!
2007-06-12KnucklesNice selection of pinball machines too. This has to be one of the coolest little spots (Manitou Springs) in the whole wide West.
2007-03-26MerThe manitou penny arcade is somewhat hard to find since its actually called Arcade Amusements, Inc its behind the Royal Tavern Hours Early May to Labor Day daily 10am-10pm. Call for winter hours Address 930 Block Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs Phone 719/685-9815 Hope this Info helps people find this fun place.
2007-01-20Roger ADoes this place exist? I can not find a phone number anywhere. I called information at 411, there's no listing for "Open Air Arcade", also I did a Google search and found nothing. Does anyone have any updated information on this place, a phone number would be helpful? Or an updated location? Thank you.
2007-01-18Roger ADo they have the Popeye game?
2006-09-23tguralJust as an FYI this place has just about every arcade coin game (~300)! They have been in the same location for 71 years and have games that have probably been there that long. I try to go there at least once a month. If you have any questions, please post them. BTW, I'm NOT associated with this place; I just love it!
2006-02-26ISWent to Manitou Springs for a honeymoon with my wife. I was UTTERLY SHOCKED to see all of these amazing old school games within walking distance of our B&B. I just could not believe the plethora of games. I could have spent the whole time there. Present were many mechanical and penny machines I'd never even heard of. Absolutely Amazing! NOTE: The nearby Cave of the Winds also has a basement arcade with a very respectible number of old games as well. Unexpectedly finding both of these gems I dubbed Manitou Springs the Hidden Valley of Old School Games!
2005-10-17Oly Shee OTI never seen this many classic fully functioning games in one place since I went to the arcade in SF my brother worked at in mid-80's. There are even tons of mechanical games I never seen before. Sure didn't expect some sleepy mt. tourist town to have all this! There are multiple indoor rooms and games crammed everywhere they could find outside too. I have no idea who maintains them but I'd love to thank them for the time warp. Oh yeah, check out Pikes Peak if your in the area too.
2005-08-31babygirlme and my husband went to colorado for our hunnymoon the last day we found the arcade. it was not only the best place in colorado but the best place ive ever been. i have never seen any thing like it for our aniversery we are going back and ill bet our hole trip will be spent there
2004-02-28BVOXIf you are there, you MUST see "what the sultan saw".... Yes, it is still there and if you havent seen it.... well, ya havent lived fully yet I suppose... heheheh!
2003-11-108trakIs "What the Sultan Saw" still there?
2003-07-18Michael McBrideThe games are still there (7/7/03) and all work very well (at least the ones I played). Slightly tricky to find from the road - a good landmark is that it is behind the Royal Tavern.
2003-06-24rich........denver is a 28 hour round trip for me.. this is an extra 2 hours (there and back).. if you are anywhere near the denver area you need to go here.. most games in fantastic condition & only 25 to play.. all of a sudden its 1983 all over again!!!! ... last visited on 6/21/03 .. this place is incredible!!!
2003-06-02B VoxI was just down there and would like to give a few more classic video titles. Astro Fighter (in a cool low cabinet), Missile command (cabaret cabinet), Dig Dug, Centipede, Pole Position, Galaga, Galaxian, Pac Man Plus, Joust, Boot Hill, Gunfight, Gorf, Defender, Q Bert, Space Invaders, Tron, Tempest, as well as many more and also very cool old mechanical games. This place is a real historical find. If you are in the area, and love these old classics, YOU MUST GO!
2003-06-01KenI've been going to the Arcades in Manitou Springs since I was a toddler and I'm now 52. Not only are many of the same games present, fully maintained and operable in tip-top condition, but many of the games are ones my mother played when she visited as a teenager. We're talking major classic here!
2002-08-14Dr. SwankThe Manitou arcade is heaven on earth for the lovers of the classics.
2002-05-24richwas just there about 4 weeks ago... this place is outstanding.. definitely will plan to spend 3 or 4 hours there next time... unreal!!! great arcade!!

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