Quassy Amusement Park
(Open April to October, no admission fee)
Middlebury, Connecticut, USA
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Location games last seen on:2001-07
Last change to this page:2002-12

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After Burner Captain America And The Avengers Enduro Racer Frogger
Galaga Galaxy Force (cockpit) Hang-On (cockpit) Ms. Pac-Man
Out Run (cockpit) Pole Position (cockpit)

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2002-12-05Ryan F.I'm surprised this place isn't listed yet, it used to be great for classics. They still do have a good amount of stuff, one of the few remaining arcades anywhere around here. I worked there for a few years and used to play Galaga during my break. The games are cheap and most work good. It is an amusement park, so some of the games are in different locations outside the main arcade. Years ago, they had way more games and had two main arcades. Oh well. They don't charge admission to get into the place, if you want to just walk around and play games, you pay $3.00 for parking and you're in. The park is only open from April to October. Last time I was there, I didn't actually go in the arcade, but I'm pretty sure everything should still be there. When the park opens next spring, I'll go back and get a full list, cause they do switch stuff around a bit. Check it out, if you need directions, go to their web site.

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