Cutlers Record Shop

New Haven, Connecticut, USA
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Location games last seen on:2002-07
Last change to this page:2002-07

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Centipede Dig Dug Ms. Pac-Man Phoenix
Space Invaders Deluxe

Comments on This Location
2012-09-16RWMThere are several articles on the internet about Cutlers closing. It appears they have closed for good on 6/30/12. They were in business 60+ years, so a truly sad day.
2003-04-27Richard M.Had my shortest visit ever today. Since my last visit, the management at Cutlers put little signs on all the games saying, "Play at your own risk." So I risked a quarter on the Ms. Pac-Man game, and the machine reset as soon as I dropped my quarter! I left in disgust. The roster of games is unchanged since my last visit, but as the signs say, play at your own risk.
2002-07-17Richard M.The record shop is just off the Yale campus and has a good collection of both rock and classical. It also has six video games - the five mentioned on this page plus Street Fighter 2. The Ms. Pac-Man is on (surprise!) a turbo speed setting; it gives three initial lives with a bonus at 20K. Seventeen mazes have blue times which correspond to that of the original Pac-Man "Slow Game". The screen is dim, the overhead lights create a glare issue, and I don't quite trust the joystick, but I've still been able to score 700K on this machine. But I only visit once every three months because I don't know anyplace nearby where I can park for free; my Ms. Pac-Man games cost me about $3.50 in parking. I think the Centipede gives bonuses every 12K. Definitely a place worth checking out.
2002-07-17Richard M.Actually, my first post had one error. I did not see Asteroids Deluxe the last two or three times I was there. Instead they have Dig Dug. But they do have five classics plus Street Fighter 2.

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