Shore Side Fun Park (CLOSED)

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
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Location games last seen on:2003-08
Last change to this page:2004-04

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Comments on This Location
2003-12-14Mike Tsorry guys they shut down the arcade here this summer (2003) : it sucks. air hockey was only 25 cents a game!! it was really the only thing decent to do here in norwalk and they replaced it with a friggin boat shop... ARGHGH!
2002-07-28Richard M.Austin S, could you provide more details about this "Nade world", as I couldn't find anything like it in the New Haven phone book. A street address, a more detailed name etc.
2002-07-22austin sif yoour looking for some real fun in conn. check out the nade world in new haven it is across the street from the crane rental place and it is not listed on this web site so if your looking for some old school super pac man slow version check out this place
2002-07-09Richard M.Shore Side would be easy to find if it were on or near a major highway. Basically I just get off at exit 16 off I-95, follow the blue signs directing me to the beaches, and hope that I don't lose the trail. The boat yard doesn't help either - one doesn't expect to see large boats parked at an arcade! Based on these things, I'd say this place is rather hard to find.
2002-07-07Wasp7-7-02 Easy To Find Located at entrance to beach.
2002-06-08Richard M.Made my annual trip there today. :-) Played Ms. Pac-Man and scored 82K - I'm out of practice in the regular-speed game. Did not see Pac-Man there nor did I see Pole Position, but I did see Centipede and Tournament Arkanoid. After Burner and Tron were turned off; obviously not working. Saw an Off Road game there - not sure if it was Super Off Road, as I'm not really into racing games much.
2002-04-21Richard M.Yes, will someone move that boatyard? It gets in the way of the arcade! (j/k) Seriously, would someone familiar with the arcade post a reply regarding their times of operation and the times of year the arcade is open? I don't live near Norwalk and really don't want to visit a place that is closed.
2002-04-18Austin SutcliffeIt is so much fun. It is really there but hard to find because of a boat yard!!!
2002-03-03Richard M.arcade master: The only Super Pac-Man I know of is at Funspot in NH - a good 200 mile drive. Thanks for the tip on Foxwoods, I'll take a look; I haven't been there in a while anyway. Next time I'm at Shore Side, I'll play you in Ms. Pac-Man; I've totally forgotten how to play the slow game.
2001-05-27Richard M.Okay. I believe the place's name is "Shore Side Fun Park", and it is a mini-golf course with an arcade inside. The games correspond pretty well with the dated listing here. I didn't see Mr. Do, but I did see After Burner and The Simpsons. The Ms. Pac-Man is one of the few slow machines in CT. Some of the games were not working.
2001-05-20Tony PYou're exactly right. If someone has the official name of this place, please post it.
2001-05-19Richard M.I don't need a map. There are other places that keep me amused. But someone familiar with this arcade should check (the mapping feature used by this site), locate the arcade using that feature, and post a reply. I suspect that the establishment has a different name than "Calf Pasture Beach."
2001-05-18Big RonPac man rules! I'll take anyone on anyday of the week.
2001-05-06AlanIt was there last summer! (2000)
2001-03-08Richard M.Could not locate this place using the map feature. Given that it was last sited in 1999, it may no longer exist, or it may have been renamed.

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