Connecticut Golf Land

Vernon Rockville, Connecticut, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-06
Last change to this page:2003-08

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Centipede Ms. Pac-Man

Comments on This Location
2012-10-08RWMJust Centipede/Missile Command/Millipede among classics now.
2008-07-06Richard M.Went back to CT Golf Land for the first time in a year. Did not see Centipede; Ms. Pac-Man was out of order. They changed the setting for Galaga; slow shots,five ships to start with only a bonus at 30K. They have also added Ultracade; which they removed a few years ago...
2006-07-16Richard M.My last post here was over a year ago, and their manager on duty that night told me that Galaga was sold, which made sense to me since it was not in the arcade on my last several trips. Tonight I went to Connecticut Golfland, and they have Centipede, Ms. Pac-Man (sped-up) ... and Galaga! The big difference in the machine from before is that the shots are sped up, and the machine seems to be on Difficulty C; it was Difficulty D before. Still on three initial ships and a 20K/60K/60K lives setting. I played one game and reached stage "0" scoring about 3.3M; the manager tonight let me stay a little past their closing time, which I appreciate.
2005-05-30Richard M.Went there tonight, and found out (sadly) that their Galaga has been sold, leaving just two classic games at this establishment.
2005-05-05Richard M.Stopped by here yesterday. Played one game of Ms. Pac-Man, which is still turbo with the shorter blue-time setting. The game went quite fast, as opposed to prior visits, when the movements were mind-numbingly slow. Galaga was missing; the manager on duty said it was there this past weekend and is probably just off the floor for maintenance; I'll keep you posted.
2003-02-22Richard M.I think the Ultracade machine is gone, although I haven't asked anyone about it. But I haven't seen that machine since last October.
2002-11-11Richard M.A sad article on regarding Hyperware, the manufacturer of Ultracade. Hyperware is out of business; everyone in that company except for the two top executives have been laid off. :-( I do not know what this means for Connecticut Golf Land and other arcades who have (or had) Ultracade, but this certainly doesn't sound very good.
2002-11-08Richard M.Did not see the Ultracade machine tonight, but I did not ask whether the machine is off site being fixed or if the Ultracade is actually gone... Ms. Pac-Man works well, but the game plays too slowly. It's still a turbo, where Ms. Pac-Man moves at twice the speed of the ghosts, but everything - Ms. Pac-Man, ghosts, fruit, music - goes about 50% too slow.
2002-09-20Richard M.Ms. Pac-Man works well and is in good shape. The graphics problem that I mentioned before has not occurred on either of my last two visits. As of today, 9/20/2002 the Ultracade was out of order and not plugged in.
2002-06-26Richard M.Some follow-ups on previous postings of mine. The graphics problem (vertical scrolling right to left line) that I mentioned in my 4/17 post is back. :-( This problem is definitely annoying but the game is still very playable. The other comment is that Centipede only gives a bonus every 15K, not 12K as I had previously posted.
2002-05-25Richard M.Ms. Pac-Man is on turbo speed setting, has three lives with a bonus at 10K, and uses an alternate chip resulting in shorter blue times, exactly like the game at Smiles in Milford... Galaga has three initial lives, bonuses at 20K, 60K, and every 60K, and has normal shot speeds... Centipede gives the standard bonus every 12K.
2002-05-05Richard M.The Ms. Pac-Man graphics problem that I reported on 4/17 has been fixed. Hope it stays that way. The basketball free throw game to the right of Ms. Pac-Man needs to be moved a little farther away, to someplace in Nebraska. I played one game of Ms. Pac-Man and was hit in the leg and foot by about a dozen stray basketballs, and that is not an exaggeration. (Only once did anyone bother to say "sorry.")
2002-04-17Richard M.The graphics on the Ms. Pac-Man need work. This bright verticle inch-wide line scrolls left across the screen about once every two seconds - a definite distraction. This has been a problem with that machine for at least three months now.
2001-02-26Tony PThanks for the info Richard, the map and address are now correct.
2001-02-23Richard M.Map feature a good idea. To find this arcade, you need to look for Connecticut Golfland, and the town is Rockville (not Rockland), which is part of Vernon. It's on Rte. 83, not far from exit 64 of I-84.
2000-08-27HollyThis is a pretty nice location. It has a lot of new games, but it also has these 3 classics. I'd give the games a rating of 8.5 out of 10. They're in really good shape, have really good side art, marquees and control panel overlays. There is very little monitor burn-in or anything of that manor. The controls also work flawlessly. These games are obviously valued at this location because they are taken care of very well.

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