Children's Hospital

Washington, Washington D.C., USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-01
Last change to this page:2006-02

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AsteroidsBattlezoneDonkey Kong JuniorMs. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981 (cocktail)

Comments on This Location
2006-11-29BenI probably played these games when I was 5, in 1981 no less, when I broke my femur. I still remember the cool game-room they had there.
2006-02-13ABRI wish anyone who wants to play these machines a lot of luck finding them or even being allowed to access them. They are located in "Lori's Teen Center" on the 3rd floor of the yellow wing. Unfortuatley, you have to go through security and a couple different sets of elevators, as well as a couple different nurse stations in order to get to this place. The class of 1981 machine is on freeplay, while the others are a quarter. This place is inteded for teenage patients only, but if you have a little brother or sister staying in the hospital, this is a good place to hang out for a few minutes while they are in closed door meetings with the doctor.

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