Stop 'n Play

Holiday, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2001-03
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2009-06-03Dawn i had as much fun as the grandchildren nice and quiet not crowded they had these games and a bunch more Time Crisis 3, Family Bowl 2, & Deal or No Deal. Get physical with Jumping Jack Pot, Basketball, Skeeball, Air hockey & Dance Revolution but need to redo their prize redemption prizes you pay $20 for 120 tokens they could have better prizes than what they have the kids want prizes for their winning tickets not junk you could go buy for a dollar
2009-06-03Dianewe took our great grandchildren there and it a fun place but the prizes for the tickets are way too high and junky
2009-03-17KatherineThis was my first time at Stop N Play, it was great for the kids. my husband and I enjoyed the visit there, the kids had a great time, Wonderful place to relax and lets the kids have fun.
2009-02-14VonnieStop n Play is a 15,000 sqft entertainment center in Port Richey Fl on Hwy 19. We love going there, they have a cool newly remodeled mini-golf. There are so many games to pick from we didn't have time to try them all. We will go back. My children loved all the different prizes. The food in the snack was great. My kids always ask to go back there.
2008-06-21BobThis is a nice clean place to enjoy a few hours of fun for younger children. Well maintained with lots of older games, and some new games and mini golf.
2008-02-25KandiThis place is located in Port Richey. In Holiday is a daycare called Kids Stop N Play. The arcade is nice for something local but it lacks in games and appeal. It is very small but I guess the children don't seem to mind it very much.
2008-02-15vi go there at least twice a month for my 3 year old i mean its ok its closer to us than chuckie cheese, but im slightly confused holiday is pretty far from springhill where i live and i believe its in new port richey or else it would be an hour at least of a drive for me not 25 to 30 min away!!!
2005-10-29DanThis is a pleasant place with an indoor eatery and mini-golf course in the center. Not very retro really, but it is nice and bright inside. There is a Ms. Pac-man/Galaga class of 81 next to a nice original Ms Pac-man and a Galaga with a washed out display. There is an original After Burner cabinet with a washed out display. There is also a non-working Air Wolf (hey, they haven't fixed it in 3 months; maybe they'll sell it to a fan). There are also 4 pinball machines and a few newer classic arcade machines that I don't recall. There is a phone number, directions, a photo of the colorful outside mural and a phone number at
2005-08-15PS2 I just picked Hard Drivin for PS2, its called midway classics
2005-07-14KonigI recently visited this arcade, which has unfortunately become a waste of time. The older machines are in ruff shape, all the newer style games are gone except for time crises. This was the arcade to play at when I was a kid, back when it was "fun spot" like someone said TMNT turtles in time was there still, outrun, a broken afterburner standup machine, operation wolf, the avengers, tekken 1, WWF ....that all I can remember
2002-08-20MV12This is my childhood arcade... It was known as Funspot for many years in the early 80's.
2002-08-20GaryDid they move this arcade? I helped open it as Funspot in October of 1983 and it was in Port Richey on Rte 19 back then.

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