Arcade Odyssey

Miami, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2013-03
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Bubbles Burgertime Centipede Defender
Galaga Galaxian Joust Jr. Pac-Man
Millipede Missile Command Moon Patrol Ms. Pac-Man
Pac-Man Q*Bert Robotron Sinistar
Space DuelSplat Tron

Comments on This Location
2017-08-13Mark MuncyMost of the classic games are just a multi-cade machine. Great arcade with amazing pinball collection otherwise.
2013-03-23Jeff GArcade Odyssey is an amazing destination for anyone into gaming, there is something for everyone. Retro, fighters, shooters, imports, even PINBALL !!! Unlike arcades from a few years back, all the machines work AND they are always rotating in new stuff to keep it exciting. If you are in the South Florida area you have no excuse, you must go and see for yourself!
2012-01-14Robert SI paid my first visit to Arcade Odyssey last week and WOW! was I pleasantly surprised. What a cool place to check out. This is the one and only "True" Video Arcade that I know of in South Florida. When I was growing up in Miami there were video arcades all over the place in the late 70s, 80s and into the early 90s from stand alone locations to places in the mall to Pizza Parlors and Laundromats. Then Dave & Busters and Game Works attempted to create a video arcade experience but they really left much to be desired. And places like Boomers... Well, they shut down one building with video games and the other one is full of games with only half of them working. So I really missed the "True" Video Arcade experience and Arcade Odyssey does not disappoint. This is a place that will appeal to everyone from video game purists to little kids to big kids to parents with kids and even those that are just a kid at heart. Now, theres a little bit of something for everyone. You have the classic arcade games for those that grew up playing games like Pacman, Robotron, Burgertime and Joust, and theres the rider simulation games like the Sega Wave Runner, Nascar Car Racing and "Tsumo Ball" which I call the "Red Dome Battleship" artillery game. You have the first person shoot em ups like House of the Dead killing zombies and the like. Then theres the Terminator pinball machines which are a lot of fun to play. And lets not forget the room dedicated to network connected PvP games with rumble seats where fans of Call of Duty can congregate to show off their skills. And of course the ubiquitous Street Fighter series video games. And theres many, many more games to chose from. But what makes this place unique and not just another Video Arcade is the attention to detail and the fact that all of the games are in excellent working condition which is a rarity at most places with video games. Check it out, you wont be disappointed.

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