Disney Quest

Orlando, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-12
Last change to this page:2009-09

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Arkanoid Battlezone Berzerk Burgertime
Centipede Defender Dexlue Asteroids Dig Dug
Discs Of Tron Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Frogger
Front Line Galaga Galaxian Gorf
Joust Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Karate Champ
Marble Madness Mario Bros. Millipede Missile Command
Moon Patrol Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man
Pengo Phoenix Q*Bert Robotron: 2084
Space Invaders Spacewars Spy Hunter Star Wars (cockpit)
Stargate Super Pac-Man Tron Zaxxon

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2015-11-04Mark ADisney Quest is finally closing in early 2016. Id say get there while you can but I was able to go for a few hours recently and lots of the classic games were broken. Probably still worth it if you can get any kind of discount.
2009-08-15RyanJust went today and I was QUITE impressed with the collection. Reminder that 3rd floor donkey kong machine's joystick is a bit malfunctional but 5th floor's is good. 3rd floor's galaga machine is DEFINETELY the machine to get high scores since i went from 49,000 average to 126k!
2009-06-12Rob, the classic arcade hunterDisney's Quest, located in Downtown Disney across from the House of Blues, is essentially the latest in computerized entertainment. It costs $40 dollars to get in for all day entertainment. they are open from 10-10 on sun & weekdays, and 10-11 on fri, sat. Quest is worth seeing even if your are not going to play the classics. They have as of June 10, 2009: donkey kong, dk jr, mario brothers, a dk/dk jr/mb combo, ms pacman/galaga combos, moonpatrol, make trax, arkanoids, Robotron 2084, lunar lander, galaxian, 2 multicades, Q*bert, frogger, tron, super pacman, pacman, spy hunter, asteriods. Most games are playable. Some games have monitor problems but playable. Only Robotron was unplayable, the N and NW directions shooting didn't work. The games are located on the retro floor with a huge Buzzlight year "bumper cars" room, if you don't mind all the "to infinity and beyond" calls in the back ground you'll be fine ... lol. P.S. all you DK fans can get to the kill screen on the DK/DK jr/MB combo machine, it has a continue feature. I did it in less than 2 hours. Got third place with a 896,500 beating billy mitchell's 1982 DK score of 874200, with unlimited men :p ... I'll do it one day with four jumpmen :) --RBF
2009-04-05DanI called their phone number - (407) 828-4600. They sound like they are still open with normal hours and are still selling tickets. I'll have to call back later to see if I can get a real person to confirm. There have been some layoffs at Disney with less tourists and all. Maybe they are closed temporarily until things pick up. Can't find anything in the news or blogs yet. Hard to believe they would be permanently closed without any warning. If this place is actually closed, someone please bring back Pac-man cafe and I'll be fine.
2009-04-01TaraThis place is now closed. I was really upset when they closed down. It was filled with awesome games, but not now.
2009-03-16abiis disney quest still open in florida?
2008-09-27SamThere is a link to an address and map near the top of this page.
2008-09-25Anthonywhat is disney quest? is it in flordia??
2007-07-11NarpasI went to Disney Quest in Chicago (now closed) years and years ago, and I was majorly impressed, so Byron's mention that things were broken or ill maintained is troubling. Have they cleaned up their act, or are they still down 'n out? Thanks!
2007-01-23MIKEMr. do is on I believe the 3rd floor, not the side where the ms. pacman and galaga is but on the other side of the bumper cars game by the burgertime and dig dug.
2007-01-02DanMr. Do was there last time I visited. Maybe it'll be back again as they rotate and repair the games.
2006-12-22kriswhere's mr.do???
2006-12-19MIKEI just got back from Disney Quest and was really disapointed. Alot of the classic games weren't working,joysticks broken,screen problems,etc. especially on the top level where they have the classics. I wonder why they just don't put them all in 1 section then on different floors...plus the price went up too I think its a lil more than $37. This place has truly gone down hill, what a waste...
2006-10-08DanThanx for the warning, Byron. According to a guy name Malek, the company charged with repairing the machines is at fault. Perhaps someone can get a hold of DQ upper management and get them to replace that company.
2006-10-07ByronI just got back from Orlando 2 weeks ago very unsatisfied. My first time at Disney Quest was in January of 2005 and I was blown away! I am a huge arcade fan and I was in heaven playing all the classic games that I loved so much growning up. I loved it so much that I went a few times that week. I was so let down this time around. Every single game I went to play was not working. Broken buttons, broken joysticks, half dead screens, you name it. It was such a disapointment. For a company that prides itself on quality and taking care of the smallest detail of everything they do they realy dropped the ball with their classic games. If they choose to advertise this great classic game room and get people to pay the $40 to go in they should at least keep the machines playable. If not then I couldn't care less if they tear that place down and put a parking lot there. I was so upset that I wrote a formal complaint to Disney about it.
2006-08-27AnonymousTo Christopher, I would give anything to have spent some time at the Pac-man cafe, let alone have worked there. Please cherish the memories I'll never have. Anyone have an update on the Disney Quest transition to an ESPN money pit?
2006-08-26ChristopherI worked at Pac-Man-Cafe for 3 1/2 years back when it was called XS Orlando. I was a technician there. I know some of the games were not up to par but you dont realize every game problem when you are 1 of 3 yes i said 3 techs in the building at any given time. It was dificult working there when you had to improvise parts for games especially D.D.R. The company was trying a new concept in orlando and it was working. I t was woking well. Point orlando let Namco out of a 20 million $ lease if they would close the doors on a 11 Million $ building. you do the math. It sucks Because that was the best job I ever had and ill never ever be able to do it again!!!
2006-07-18DanDisney Quest to close in early 2008? Say it isn't so! This year is our last chance to see one of the best collections of classic games in Florida. Maybe if we all go, they'll rethink closing it down. The rumor is that they are going to replace it with an ESPN attraction. http://intercot.com/discussion/showthread.php?t=69260&highlight=disney+quest
2006-06-26MIKEI just came back from here this weekend, all the games are still there plus they now have an Elevator Action, a very rare Red Baron upright, Lunar lander,and a Empire strikes back upright.
2005-12-12AlexHi Guys I live in Orlando Florida (ok kissimee screw it) and my dad tells me (who is GM of this place called Dixe Stampede; think of medival times but better food and entertainment) that Pac Man Cafe didnt go out of business because of no customers, but because the City drove them out to make room for something that required it's building, so they auctioned off all their merchandise.
2005-12-01MIKEI went back to Disney Quest,I haven't been in a while they use to have a Tempest,Space Wars,Empire strikes back, Lunar Lander, and a Vanguard there all gone now I guess they couldn't keep them working.
2005-10-23DanThere is an interesting 1998 article about Disney Quest at http://www.wave-report.com/other-html-files/Disneyquest1.htm It talks about "two individuals who are the master minds behind the concept from the beginning - Joe DiNunzio and Mike Lang..." and "Credit should also go to Mel Bibo the General Manager of DisneyQuest and to Kent Mitchell the General Manager at the Orlando facility." I wish I could figure out how to contact these folks. I wonder if they all know that the classic arcade games are being neglected at Orlando's Disney Quest.
2005-10-22DanJust got back from Disney Quest ($36.21 at the door). Most of the classic games are not being properly maintained. There ARE many working classic games, and they look nostalgically impressive from a distance. I did find Frontline, but the spinner spring/gunner switch is broken. There absolutely is no Tempest. Many classic arcade game 4-way joysticks and firing buttons are broken. Anyway, I think if the management understood that parents will choose Disney Quest over other arcades because Disney Quest claims to have classic arcade games and if the classic arcade games are not working or look like crap, that is more depressing to the parents than not finding any classic games at all, because it directly reminds you of how very old you are, and you don't go back to Disney Quest or bring your kids back to Disney Quest and the business goes out of business like Pac-Man Cafe (yes, Disney Quest could go out of business because they don't have classic arcade games). I don't understand why Disney Quest doesn't COMPLETELY renovate and maintain their classic machines as a priority to motivate parents to bring their kids back over and over again, so that Disney Quest can stay in business. BTW, what is left of Pac-Man Cafe in Orlando looks pathetic (not associated with Disney Quest). The Pac-Man statue is gone, but the doors and windows still have pac-man characters frosted into them.
2005-10-21DanAs far as I know, Disney Quest is going strong. They didn't seem to have Tempest or Frontline last time I was out there. It's a big place, so I could have missed seeing these machines. Anyway, I'm thinking about going out there tomorrow. I also want to see if there is anything left of the Pac-Man cafe, like the large Pac-Man statue (http://imageserver0.textamerica.com/user.images.x/36/IMG_440636/Big/_0606/T52005060617572058.jpg)
2005-10-20AND2Hey Dan, is Disney Quest still there? I would like to go there soon..
2005-10-18DanJust wanted to say goodbye to Pac-Man Cafe in Orlando, a place I was never able to visit. I learned about it only after it was closed. It was only around for a year. It sounded like such a cool place. I know it was a cool place! Anyway, it is either being demolished or is already demolished. It closed in August 2005. Damn, I wanted to go there. They didn't publicize it enough. If only they had marketed it, it would still be around or just moved. Nobody listed it here.
2005-04-30DanWent back to Disney Quest again yesterday. Wasn't able to stay as long as I wanted, but it was still a very positive and enjoyable place to be, and I got some pictures. I noticed that Disney Quest has Dragon's Lair. Actually I never played that before. It was difficult for me to play. I am looking forward to learning how to play Dragon's Lair when I buy the software. As a persistant childhood fantasy, I always wanted all the video games on the Silver Spoons set. I plan to have all those games working in one arcade cabinet I will eventually build. I understand the Silver Spoons set had an Asteroids Deluxe, Dragon's Lair, Gorf, Tempest and a mini Pac-Man cabinet. There is something online about Swamp Wars, but I think that was a TRS 80 game. Disney Quest does have Gorf, which is a 2nd generation Space Invaders game. I played that yesterday. I also played a little Space Invaders. As I've written before, Disney Quest DOES NOT have Tempest, a must-play excellent game. Speaking of Vector-based games, Disney Quest DOES HAVE the sit down cockpit style Star Wars game. I didn't get to play it yesterday, but I remember enjoying it. I had forgotten Star Wars had a steering wheel. I wondered what was missing in my emulated version. That's all. Back to you Tony. Thank you again for this website.
2005-03-21DanWas finally able to get out there. Took the kids for 7 hours. They loved it, even though I went there to play classic games and they thought it would be a musty museum. We were all pleasantly surprised by the beautiful building and all its games. The kids designed their own roller coaster and we rode it. I still got slightly sick. I can't even ride a virtual roller coaster any more. Although I played many classic games, my favorite experience was Pirates of the Carribean, standing on a realistic ship deck stearing through beautiful 3D virtual waters while the kids used cannons to blow up boats for their bounty. We were sunk both times at the end. I'm wondering if the game is winnable though I enjoyed sinking under water in 3D. Anyway, I played Centipede, Millipede, Frogger (2 versions), Pac Man, Super Pac Man, Galaga, Galactaca, Battle Zone (THAT'S HOW IT LOOKED! WOW!), Space Invaders, Burger Time (never played that in an arcade, cool!), Gorf, Defender, Front Line, Berzerk, Tron, Joust (finally, the original!), Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Defender, Arkanoid, Missile Command, Tron & Zaxxon. I wish they had Tempest & Tetris, but that's okay. Good Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory (expensive, I guess).
2004-09-05MOEDisney Quest is a great place for people who like video games.
2004-03-21EricJust like what Clayton said, THIS PLACE ROCKS! AND IT'S FREE! :D
2003-06-08Steve TI just sent Tony a Complete listing as of June 2003 This is a great place to go if you are planning a trip to orlando and your into classic games. As mentioned elsewhere here, there are disney tickets available that include DQ. Seperate admission is over $30 at this point, a bit pricey when you consider a family and the limitations mentioned below. Sometimes a special late night 1/2 off admission is available which depends on crowd sizes. It's always done in the last 2 hours of operation if done at all (not advertised). Be prepared to get little time to play newer games, as there is no time limit for guests to play. Classics usually become available and you will be able to sample a large selection of games. In the 6 hours or so I was there over 2 days I was NEVER able to play a few of the newer games I was interested in trying. Some kids get on a game and just stay there the whole night. It's a big flaw in the concept. I was able to try ALL the classics games I wanted to though.
2001-03-13ToddIf you are going to stay at a Disney Resort Hotel make sure your package includes the Ultimate Magic Pass. This gets you into all the parks and DQ! as much as you want! I went there Five of the Seven nights I was there. What a dream come true to play some of the best and favorite classics, all in good shape. If you were never very good when you were a kid, and practiced with MAME, The kids will think you're a game god when you can play some of these games for an extended period of time on one credit! I can't wait to return. Now if they could just get a working Dragon's Lair.
2001-01-21BoodI would easily get my money's worth here.
2001-01-20Tony PThis is a neat place... it's $30 to get in, but at least during weekday afternoons, all games are free, not just the classics. Getting in free continues on Gauntlet Ledgends and Star Wars Trilogy has it's advantages! All classics were in good condition too. You can leave and come back the same day.
2000-09-19ClaytonThis place has THE best classic games. And the best part is they are all FREE! You just press a button to add a credit and press start. Visit my site at http://www.zclayton.cjb.net

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