Disney Quest

Orlando, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-12
Last change to this page:2009-09

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Arkanoid Battlezone Berzerk Burgertime
Centipede Defender Dexlue Asteroids Dig Dug
Discs Of Tron Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Frogger
Front Line Galaga Galaxian Gorf
Joust Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Karate Champ
Marble Madness Mario Bros. Millipede Missile Command
Moon Patrol Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man
Pengo Phoenix Q*Bert Robotron: 2084
Space Invaders Spacewars Spy Hunter Star Wars (cockpit)
Stargate Super Pac-Man Tron Zaxxon

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2007-06-10SHELLYR86@AOL.COMmy family just got back from DQuest.They had great time.. I personally wont go back unless you email me and let me know you have my ALLTIME FAVORITE game from the early EIGHTIES .. PLEASE START WORKING ON GETTIN THE GAME -- EITHER THE SITDOWN VERSION OR THE STANDUP VERSION OF "MAKE TRAX". pleasssssssse!!!!!!!!
2006-01-17DanTo Malek, I guess you must work for the incompetent company charged with maintaining the games. The price I quoted was exact (with tax). Sorry, your company failed so badly at fixing the machines. Did your boss see my post and get you in trouble? I guess that when it comes to your responsibilities at Disney Quest, minimum wage just doesn't cut it. Maybe if they'll pay you more, you'll be able to prioritize fixing the classic machines. Good luck.
2006-01-16MalakTo Dan, You really have absolutly no idea what you are talking about. Your saying that DisneyQuest is going to go out of buisness just becuase your unsatisfied about they dont have all the games you want. For the classic arcade games Disney doesnt work on them, a seperate company works on it that Disney pays. The games they have im impressed they run so well, the games themselves were reprogrammed to work 24/7. These games were never ment to run like this, and here you are expecting for them to be better? Anyway....to comment on some on some of these games that most people dont see is because they switch games in and out every so often so all that your looking for may not be there, they just readded Ultraarcade a little while ago and that has hundreds of classic games. Also tickets are $34 which are quite cheap for how much is in there.

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