Rocky's Replay

Orlando, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2002-04
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2010-08-28will@zombie...yeah. that was pretty true even when i knew them. dave and laura worked hard and they seemed to enjoy life. i know it was hard to keep a respectable crew. i don't know if they moved. going north doesn't make much sense. it's worse there unless you hava a ton of cash.
2010-02-01zombie Hey Will, did they move out of state? I know dave sold his house so I figured they might leave Florida, maybe back to Michigan? I'm not trying to be mean but last I heard Dave was a step away from a heart attack if he didn't relax on the stress, was that true?
2010-01-13LanceThe fun continues at a new location!
2009-12-12willwell i am sorry to hear that your experience working for them was not good. too bad. i always thought they were pretty cool. i guess not.
2009-09-14zombieTo: First Let me say one thing I bear no ill will to the new owners of Rocky's Replay I wish them luck, I don't even know them, but who I used to work for Dave is another story, I don't think you know them on the level that I did, it's one thing to be friends with them but another to work for them. Seeing the things I saw happen there gave me the opportunity to see deeper into who they really where, I won't say anything else because I don't want this to turn in to a bashing session again, my old post make me sound like a jerk but I'm not, I was angry but I have started to let that go and grow up a bunch(It was hard to forget all the stess I went through working for David),but It also felt good to get all that off my chest. The old place is gone and a new one has been born, good luck to the new Rocky's Replay!
2009-09-09RockySo I thought I would right up on here to let everyone know where the new location is going to be. Rocky's is now located at 5445 Lake Howell Road in the Lake Howell Plaza. The new unit is much larger than the old one. I hope to see everyone at the reopening this Friday.
2009-09-05ROFL /LOL=BANANAA bad thing is that Rocky's replay was closed because the city bought to make a retention pond.But it is relocating and i herd it will be back in several weeks.:)
2009-09-04JahnIt's opening back up down Lake Howell Rd. near Linden in the plaza. There's a sign up for it already!
2009-09-03willsadly, rocky's has closed. emminent domain was cited as the reason for the closure of a long standing icon of casselberry(sp) and a resevoir of memories for countless youth, old and young alike. rocky's was special, not just too me but to everyone who walked thru the door and were able to forget thier troubles for just and hour or so. dave and laura have no idea how much joy they brought to everyone here by being who they are. rest in peace rocky's replay.
2009-09-03willzombie, who are you? i was there quite a bit in the time frame that you suggest you worked there. assuming og course that is a recent firing or quit. i know dave and laura and i cannot imagine anyone being so sh#tty with them for no reason. email me here if you wish.
2009-09-01KateI love Rocky's I can't wait until its open again!
2009-07-13JahnRocky's was awesome. I hope it opens back up soon and gets the games everyone want to play; not new pinball machines like at the end of their life-span. That's what made the regulars stop coming.
2009-07-11RockyYes we are going to reopen and no we are not gone forever. We are in the process of looking for a new location and there are going to be new owners. Please let the past go and if you have a grudge with the old owners let bygones be bygones.
2009-06-18aquamanluijiRocky's Replay is gone!! good riddance!! This place was not what everyone thought it was! lots of nasty stuff happened there that the owners kept secret.
2009-06-17ki10erahopes it comes back again soon because thaat place was ver-ver-very fun even my little cousin likes to go there. please come back.
2008-10-25old rocky's replay just felt good to get off my chest!
2008-10-21old rocky's replay employeeThis place sucks,the staff are assholes the owners are assholes and it's just a ... [You have posted all this stuff before. Give it a rest. Let it go. --RWM]
2008-09-16zombieHere is the WFTV article,this is what the owners are trying very hard to downplay! SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- An intersection expansion at S.R. 436 and Red Bug Lake Road in Seminole County will mean less traffic, but at least 17 homes and four businesses will be forced out. Tuesday evening, more than 100 residents got a chance to look at the expansion plans that include a left turn flyover from S.R. 436 to Red Bug Lake and extra lanes. For some residents, it was a first look at their neighborhood with their homes replaced by a road and retention pond. "It's kind of sad, you know, after you've been so many years living in a place and you've had to invest all your money and your effort with your family. It's kind of hard," said homeowner Manny Mendoza. Will Collier will also lose his home. "Supposedly they will take them, pay for our homes and take good care of us, so we'll see," he said. Seventeen homes along Red Bug Lake Road, along with Comfort Furniture, a Mobil gas station, an office building and the popular Rocky's Replay Arcade will all be forced out because of eminent domain laws. "One of our clients has been in their house for 18 years, with five children, all their grandkids and to have them locate at the age of 65, whatever compensation can be obtained through this process is never going to be enough to replace that," said Prineet Sharma, an attorney for the homeowners. County officials said road expansion is never easy, but it's needed at the notoriously busy intersection. Seminole County engineers said they expect to finish the design phase in the spring of 2008. Then they'll spend two years acquiring the necessary properties. They plan to start construction in the summer of 2010. And by the way there will be nothing to buy!!except a pond! LOL
2008-08-23jemI recently moved and I already miss Rocky's Replay. That place has such a great atmosphere (except for the smoking allowed rule). They have Initial D 4, which is awesome. And they're the only arcade that has reasonable prices. The most they charge is $1 for a game... and that's for the newest machines. Other arcades and movie theaters charge more than that for old games.
2008-08-08zombieJust wait and see dude! the admin of this site won't let me post long comments so like I said just wait and see!
2008-07-29WizardI was at Rocky's yesterday, and I see no signs of closing. It was busy at 3:00 pm on a Monday and there's always cars parked outside. As for the games, they are all in tip-top shape and the 5 pinball machines are cherry. The pinball machines include Family Guy, Wheel of Fortune, Spider-man 3, Indiana Jones, and Shrek. And if it is closing, let me know. I'LL BUY IT!!!
2008-07-12zombieRocky's is closing most likely in mid-2009... [next several paragraphs deleted. Last paragraph follows. Please do not list URLs that only contain digits.] The owner likes to keep a paranoid atmosphere to try to keep everyone in line, but people resent that type of treatment after a while and figure out that he is full of crap. This place is closing and I love it. for 5 1/2 years I worked for that [insults deleted], I'm happy that Rocky's Replay is CLOSING!! This is justice!
2008-06-01z3rounit.comWill they really be closing?
2007-08-10I hate rockysRockys sucks ass! The workers are horrible. The only person there that is decent is Doug the game mechanic. And now I can rejoice cuz that dump is closing!!! heres the it and weep bitches!! Rockys Closes! or just copy and paste this link in the browser bar!
2007-01-26Leonddrmastagotta love rockys they serve the best food and drinks and games ive ever seen, go there if you get a chance!
2006-03-19KazuoThis place has the hit racing game "Initial D" the Drift-Racing game based off the manga and anime of the same name. One of the few places I know of (In Florida) that carries this game. Only other place I know of is at the University of Florida. Cheap hot dogs and cool people.
2002-11-17GlitchI visited this place awhile ago and they have a couple of Retrocade machines which play a about 10 or so classics from 1942 to Ghost and Goblins to Street Fighter 2. They also have Neo Geo machine with Puzzle Bobble as well as a Namco machine with remakes of Rally X and Dig Dug. Definetly worth a trip or two.
2002-04-29WON HUNG LOms pac man is not fun it make me want to drink soki howeva galaga and ghost 'n goblin is wondeful

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