Treasure Island (Fun Center)
(7770 Seminole Blvd)
Seminole, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2007-08
Last change to this page:2009-09

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After Burner Centipede Defender Donkey Kong
Galaga Jr. Pac-Man Mercs Mr. Do!
Ms. Pac-Man Multicade Pac-Man Pac-Mania
Tetris The Simpsons

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2008-07-14Scott DChecked this place out this weekend. Nice set up. Not as many kids as I was lead to believe and I was there on a Saturday evening (around 5:30-6:00pm). Donkey Kong wasn't working (quarters jamming) and a Centipede system had a bad trackball. But Multicade, Ms. Pacman, and another Centipede/Missile Command systems were working fine. Note that Ms. Pacman is overclocked and running faster. Not the default setting but fun none the less. They also seem to have a decent collection of newer titles such as some shooting games, DDR, adn even some pinball thrown in. Definitely a good location to check out. For basic direction, in St. Pete head West down Park Blvd, right on Seminole, it;s about 1/4-1/2 mile on the left side. Stand alone complex.
2008-03-13nathanwheres the info
2007-07-25DanAs of last Saturday the arcade still had all the machines listed, plus they added Jr Pac-man, a Multicade (has Ladybug, which can't be beat), Donkey Kong and Mercs. I'm dying to ask them if I can fix their machines for free (labor and maybe a joystick or 2), especially the Tetris monitor (it probably needs a new monitor). The Jr Pac-man had a slight horizontal roll, but it was still fun to play. The After burner probably needs a new monitor. They had a 1994 Bust-a-Move game in their long row of classics. There is also a Simpsons that has been there a long time.
2007-07-13rebeccago to it.
2007-05-28annathis new fun center has a awesome new game this game is called Jummpin Jackpot.This game is so fun because you don't just sit or stand you acually jump .BUt you don't jump a rope you jump lights!
2007-05-28annathis new center also is cleaner and way nicer then the other center!!!
2007-05-28unknownthis place is awesome
2007-02-26DanOkay, was finally able to get out there. I liked it. All of the classic machines I remember from the old location in Treasure Island are there. The downside is the lighting. I like bright places, so the overall lighting doesn't bother me, as long as the great sounds of games and excitement are in the air. A classic arcade is normally a dark place. The darkness extenuates the color in the game screens. You also don't have to have the monitors turned up so bright in a dark place, so the monitors last longer and use less electricity. The glare of the poorly located classic machines is almost unbearable. I would suggest a darkened corner of the arcade or a decorative arcade themed canopy above the classic games to make them more viewable and playable. The Tetris is still in need of repair, although I continue to appreciate the fact the attract/demo audio and playing music is nice and loud (the faded screen would be more viewable without the glare). That's all. Overall, it was a very bright, popular and pleasantly crowded place to visit. They also have plenty of parking. Now, all they need is the beautiful signs relocated from the old location to the new Seminole. Also, can't wait for a good in-house pizza to accent the experience. There is supposed to be a new Arcade at John's Pass, but I didn't have time to visit it. Will try to get out there before it closes. (:
2007-02-14DanThis location should now be listed as Seminole, the new city it is located in. • 7770 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, FL 33772
2007-02-14DanRecent Article • Fun Center offers more at Seminole location • By BOB McCLURE • • Manager Jenny Noell stands next to the new Sega virtual tennis game at the Treasure Island Fun Center, 7770 Seminole Blvd. • SEMINOLE – No signage exists on the building yet but when the Treasure Island Fun Center completes plans for its new location in Seminole, the business will be among the most visible on the street, according to its manager. • Owner Robert Noell Jr. and his daughter Jenny, who manages the popular video arcade center, recently relocated the business from 103 104th Ave. in Treasure Island to a former A&P grocery store at 7770 Seminole Blvd. • The center is open and will stage a grand opening in weeks to come when the signage and other last-minute details are in place. • “I expect to have the signage complete by Feb. 25,” said Jenny Noell. “It’s going to be a large, colorful palm tree and it will be like no other sign in the area. It will be worth waiting for.” • The move came about recently after Publix Supermarkets purchased the Treasure Island site, forcing Robert Noell to find another location. He bought the Seminole site for $2.4 million and has since added about $1 million in electric and plumbing upgrades, parking lot improvements and landscaping. • The move took place over a three-week period in December. • “We closed on Dec. 2 (on Treasure Island) and were out on Dec. 16,” said Jenny Noell. “It took us seven semi-trailer loads in eight days to move here. We thought we had about four loads but that business has been open 40 years and there was much more.” • The 16,800-square-foot building is about 55 percent larger than the old location and will offer about 150 games. • “We have plenty of room for growth and unlimited potential,” Jenny Noell said. “We don’t have corporate constraints and have the freedom to do what we want.” • The center will offer an array of games for all ages. The spectrum ranges from a merry-go-round and Ferris wheel for small children to some of the more traditional arcade games, such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Tetris, as well as more advanced offerings like a Sega virtual tennis game. • “We’ve spent about $100,000 on new equipment,” said Jenny Noell. “We have nine new pieces and about that many still coming.” • Plans also call for the addition of food service. • “We’ll have a soda and food operation with our own pizza,” said Jenny Noell. “We’ll offer a one-size pizza to start and will add other things like ice cream and hot dogs.” • Plans also call for a larger area for birthday parties, which is expected to stay very busy. • “We have a lot more kids here within a short distance,” said Jenny Noell. “At the beach, (kids) had to make an effort to get there. That won’t be the case here.” • Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Call 391-9105.
2006-10-14DanDonkey Kong had a vertical roll on it's monitor; impossible to play, but everything else seemed fine. Their Tetris has always had a bad screen (for years), but at least they had the volume turned up so I could hear the beautiful hypnotic music. And, yes Pacmania had some color issues, but it played well.
2006-10-14DanWas there tonight. The black centipede cabinet is a genuine cabinet design with correct art and all, not painted all black like some old cabinets. Got the high score on Ms Pac-man; that was fun. All seemed well until I did a google search when I arrived home. I'll miss the beach view and the toasty Subway sandwiches served in the connecting building: NEWS --- Amusement center will move to former A&P store A Treasure Island business will keep its name as it takes over space in Seminole. By ANNE LINDBERG Published May 28, 2006 ------ The Treasure Island Fun Center is trading its prime beach location for bigger digs in Seminole. Robert Noell Jr., the center's owner, paid $2.4-million in March for the former A&P grocery store at 7770 Seminole Blvd through his company Treasure Island Land Co. LLC. Despite its new location in Seminole, the arcade will retain its name, said Jenny Noell, Noell's daughter and the center's manager. "It's going to be a Treasure Island theme" filled with pirates and parrots to justify keeping the name, she said Friday. Publix bought the family's existing entertainment center at 103 104th Ave. on Treasure Island in August for $4.4-million, according to Pinellas County records. The center and the grocery next door are slated to become a Publix complete with bakery, deli, fresh seafood and meats. Noell said her father had received many offers for the property since buying the land in 1998, but had refused all until Publix came along. The grocery next door had already sold to Publix, so it put the pressure on Robert Noell to sell. Knowing they would eventually sell the Treasure Island site, the Noells kept their eyes open for a new home. When they saw the Seminole property, they knew they'd found what they were looking for. The site is 4 acres, which more than quadruples the three-quarters of an acre on Treasure Island. The building is 16,625 square feet, which is 4,000-5,000 square feet larger than the current space. The larger space will provide storage as well as space for private parties and pizza sales. It also has more parking and ample space for expansion, she said. Noell said plans are to keep the Treasure Island site open until late August or early September if the estimated $366,000 renovation on the new site goes smoothly. Noell said she's working hard to combat rumors that the center is closing and will not reopen. "We are open for business and will remain open in this location throughout the summer months, while the new building undergoes remodeling," she said. "As always, we are hosting local summer camps, birthday parties, families and kids of all ages." The Treasure Island site is scheduled to be razed sometime next year.
2006-09-12JerkyTook the family here last night. The only game that I played was Defender. And the joystick was loose. PacMania had some monitor color issues. Centipede looked to be in the best shape (it was a black cabinet). I basically didn't play the others because they looked pretty old. It'd be nice to get these restored.
2006-02-19Greg Treasure Island Fun Center has the coolest games and fishing games . All of these fun centers are to much like chucke cheese. so i think they need to put new games in the fun center
2005-07-08DanThis location should be listed as Treasure Island, the actual city it is located in.
2005-06-16DanOh, I forgot. There's a wall of pinball machines. Let's see, I remember the Simpsons and then some classics I can't remember. I looked for Comet: there was no Comet. I'll go back with my camera and make a list.
2005-06-14DanThis location should be listed as Treasure Island, the actual city it is located in.
2005-06-14DanWent there Sunday. It is right across from the public beach and in the same building as a Subway with toasted sandwiches. Very cool! They had a nice Pacmania; forgot what a cool marque! Could not find Asteroids or Donkey Kong Junior, but there was a Donky Kong. There was a Galaga, but no Galaga 3. I don't recall seeing the Missile Command, but there was a Mr. Do!, Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man. They also had a Defender and an After Burner. I don't know if the fire button was broken on After Burner or if I forgot how to or when to fire. Anyway, it was a nice looking cabinet. There was also a nice Centipede and an old Tetris. Tokens were a quarter.

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