Old Farmers Creamery

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2010-09
Last change to this page:2011-01

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Asteroids Deluxe

Comments on This Location
2007-09-27DanWas able to get out there. The place looks like a huge red barn, so you can't miss it. The frogger game was being repaired, but I was assured it would be back. I found out the Astroids Deluxe and Donkey Kong were on free play after I heard my quarters fall to the floor of the cabinet. You might want to wipe off the joysticks with a wet napkin, since the little kids this place attracts and their ice cream can make a sticky combination. I've decide that all classic arcade games need a Rgb Cga To Vga Video Converter and a new LCD monitor with a lucite "lens" that simulates the shape of tube monitor. These old monitors suck. They are always warped and burned in, they use way too much energy and they are everywhere, making classic arcade gaming look awful when it is not at all. If you own the pcb or rom, you should be able to renovate the cabinet and game to a point where it only uses as much energy as a lightbulb, that way they would always be turned on and would always work. And, the renovation would easily pay for itself in at least two years.
2007-09-23DanTheir address is listed as 2531 4th North Saint Petersburg, FL 33704-2805 The phone listing is (727) 896-2827. I'm looking forward to getting out to this place soon. I lost my only genuine Frogger location here in Tampa recently. I wonder what kind of shape the Astroids Deluxe is in. Thank you to whoever submitted this location.

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