The Game Gallery
(Showroom of games for sale - on free play)
Tampa, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2001-01
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AsteroidsCentipedeDefenderDonkey Kong
FroggerGalagaMake TraxMillipede
Ms. Pac-ManPac-ManPole PositionStargate
TempestTrack & FieldTron

Comments on This Location
2009-12-16DanI regularly read (have bookmarked) the most recent comments here on Arcade Locations and I just found something you may find interesting: First of all The Corvette Diner in San Diego CA may be getting a Gilligan's Pinball machine. We have a bar here in Tampa called Gilligan's which has a Gilligan's Island theme, and I was thinking it would be nice if I could find a Gilligan's Island Pinball machine for cheap, so I could talk them into buying it. There is an expensive pin on eBay being sold by I checked to see where they were located on their "about us" link. There they stated "We are a "Brick & Mortar" business located in Connecticut" Anyway, I guess the eCrater Pinball Store must be sore at Game Gallery for competing without a showroom (or an actual gallery) to maintain.
2009-12-12DanThey probably had the following comment on their Facebook page for some time, but I just noticed it: "no need for the overhead of a brick and mortar showroom anymore." Here is the sentence in context: "We offer a large variety of new and refurbished arcade machines. Our staff is experienced to assist you from the point of sale, to shipping, parts and technical service. 95% of our sales are done online and no need for the overhead of a brick and mortar showroom anymore. By doing this we can pass the savings on to our customers. Sales lines are open Mon-Fri 10-5 and you can reach us 24/7 online and place your orders. Game Gallery Amusements and Rentals takes great pride in knowing that you, as a game enthusiast, are looking for the highest quality and the best that money can buy." It is a shame that it costs so much to maintain a showroom here in Tampa. Maybe they could get a nice big plot of easily accessible low-tax land out in Pasco with a big beautiful warehouse made to look like a classic arcade. Light the whole thing with solar panels, wind energy and LEDs and the electricity would hardly cost a thing. Man, I so badly want to go to a thriving classic arcade showroom / gameroom. Might as well want to go to a thriving covered wagon factory I guess. I bet if they pimped out those classic cabinets with LEDs and OLED monitors (soonest OLED availability is 2011) they could afford to have a showroom. Best of luck to them regardless.
2009-02-15DanHUGE new arcade opening in Brandon Mall, but first, the Brandon showroom, Apollo Amusements just had a clearance auction yesterday. They are closing their Sarasota showroom, where part of King of Kong was filmed. They are moving their remaining arcade machines to Tampa (Brandon). I hope they will expand their showroom. Also, again, there is a HUGE arcade opening soon called TILT at the Brandon Mall. Hopefully Apollo Amusements will develop a thriving symbiotic relationship with TILT! (From Wikipedia: Tilt, also known as Tilt Family Entertainment Center is a chain of video arcades inside various shopping malls. Tilt is owned by Nickels and Dimes Incorporated located in Carrollton, Texas. There are numerous Tilt stores spread across the United States from California to New York. The first Tilt! game room was in Six Flags Mall in 1972. It was founded by Craig Singer)
2009-02-04DanAlthough The Game Gallery is still in business, the showroom is absolutely closed right now. I know they are still operating because I was driving behind a Game Gallery delivery truck last week on I-75 that appeared to be coming from one delivery and was headed to another. Hope they are not totally liquidating (there I go again). It was very refreshing to see their truck in operation. Please keep truckin', and God please bless these owners so they can re-open their showroom. Oh, here are some more items you can sell in your new showroom: J & C Studios miniature arcade and pinball machines (I've ordered these) and Target's Super Slot Triple Thunder Mini Slot Machines, and of course any new arcade miniatures from Hallmark.
2008-11-24DanI was thinking about this place yesterday. I drive by it regularly looking for some change. The front has a dark black window film. Behind that are large AC ducts laying near the front with a general look of renovation and disorder. It's been like this for so very long. As someone who is fascinated by classic arcade machines I find it odd that shortly after introducing reasonably priced arcade cabinets (which I loved to see in stores), both Target and Sears pulled them like they were the plague. You'd have thought that their presence on the showroom floor even reduced the sale of all their other games and game room gear the way they disappeared so fast. Why don't people want these wonderful reminders of good times gone by? Is there really something that morbid about playing games that seems so simple compared to what we have now? Or, is there a conspiracy by the multi-billion dollar gaming industry to kill the sales of classic arcade nostalgia like there was/is to kill the electric car? Just wondering. In these hard financial times, some people will actually spend more to escape reality to simpler better days, but you wouldn't know it by the way cheap arcade machines disappear (apparently not from purchases) from big store floors.
2008-09-27SamDan mentioned The Game Gallery selling ornaments to bring back their showroom. I just bought my miniature Pac-man cabinet Christmas ornament at Hallmark with lights and sound, and I love it! We'll find out how popular these kind of ornaments are when and if Hallmark starts making different kinds of Namco (or other) cabinet ornaments.
2008-09-07DanFor all intents and purposes, the showroom itself is closed. The company's websites are still active. I'm hoping the showroom will one day be renovated, but there is no apparent activity in there now. The building is actually being offered up for lease on the internet ( The 7853 Gunn Hwy. #390 (PMB 390) "address" is actually a UPS mailbox. Brenda and Andrew Kline who own the Game Gallery also own A.S.K. Distributors, which still owns the building on Armenia. I guess they have given up on the Armenia location for now. Here is what I would have done (my humble opinion) had I been the owner (God knows I have no idea what they have tried over the years or what is going on in their lives, so please forgive me in the fog I plan in). I would have reconsidered my customer. At one time the customer was the medium-income to wealthy home game room owner or restaurant/tavern owner. We can rule out the commercial game room owner as a profitable customer due to the current deadness of that market. Who could the market be in this recession? How about the average person who spent many a happy day escaping harsh reality in the ambiance of the arcade. This person cannot afford a full sized cabinet, nor does he or she really have any place to put it, especially if it only plays a few games. What could you offer this average customer? Well, how about nik-naks? I mean, can you imagine how many small arcade items one could come up for sale to the average buyer? There are thousands of items you could offer in a game room gallery. Just imagine how many thousands of penny-on-the-dollar Japanese star studded flashing pieces of arcade memorabilia and souvenirs you could sell in a beautiful black light classic arcade replica. You would now obviously have to advertise. You might have to adjust your hours to accommodate your new customers. You would still keep a handful of classic arcade machines on the premises for sale and for limited free play usage. The key to keeping people coming in would be to keep everything fresh and bright and cheerful. I know that part of town is getting bad, but the average person re-living their wonder years would not care. And, with your good reputation and years of institutional knowledge you would have contacts with all the major franchises, Namco Bandai, Taito, Atari and any other familiar names you could license or purchase from. You might even create your own new Pac-man, Frogger, Pole Position, Burger Time or Tetris, etc. ornaments for local and internet distribution. Just a thought. It is my dream to do this all myself one day.
2008-09-02BillI kept going by this place. It was empty. Looked like they may have been doing some renovations, but there was no real info on the outside of the building. Anyway, they have either moved or opened a second showroom. They are now listed on the internet as being at 4313 Gunn Hwy Tampa FL 33626. This is out by the Citrus Park Mall. Looking forward to visiting them for a report. If I didn't have 4 arcade games (2 working) 2 under repair, I'd feel alot better about shopping there.
2005-09-21DanI was kinda' put off by these folks (they were aloof) when I went in a couple of years back. I tend to suspect businesses that treat you badly when you go in of being money launderers, I mean people who have a fake legitimate business that is a front for some other illegal operation. Iíve been thinking about the Game Gallery though, and I think they are probably an exception to that suspicion. First of all, they are in a rather high crime area, so they have to be careful with their potential customers. Secondly, I think their main customers are probably rich snotty people, bars, lounges and hotels, all hard-to-please clients. They probably have all these kids and adults who never grew up (present company excluded) who come in time after time with no intention of buying anything who just want to play classic games for free (maybe misled some by this site). After the thousandth time, it probably got old. That is probably why they took all theyíre good games off their showroom. Why they donít open up an arcade with all theyíre surplus equipment to solve this problem, Iíll never understand, but I think they should be given a little slack. I am thinking very seriously about purchasing one of their combo units; it seems like a good deal.
2005-09-19fredthese people are so crazy. they just don't want anyone in their store.
2004-09-26DanI went to this place a while back. They were rude and aloof and had no interest in showing off their collection, let alone giving "free play." It's a shame they don't just charge and turn it into an old fashioned arcade.

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