Tampa Grand Prix

Tampa, Florida, USA
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Location games last seen on:2010-07
Last change to this page:2006-09

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Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981

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2010-07-13DanClassic Arcade Obituary...not really, but all they have left of anything that seems remotely classic is the Ms Pac-man/Galaga combo. There are a couple of 90s plus shooters left. They seemed to have made room for a huge two or three lane mini bowling monstrosity that no one was using. On a bright note, the machines that are left are using tokens and quarters instead of that awful credit key system. Man, the new classics they had before were awesome; such a waste. I still think arcade owners don't get it. Even if a classic machine doesn't make any real money, it is a prop, a draw that inspires parents to bring their kids. Even if the parent doesn't play the classic that much, it makes them feel good to bring their family to a REAL arcade they can relate to.
2007-08-19SimyI was stuck there on a field trip, so I spent four hours in a row playing Ms. Pacman. The machine worked very well, even though I didn't get the high score (my math teacher did).
2007-06-25DanThe new arcade is still looking good as of Saturday. The Elvis pinball is in the original arcade along with a working fast chip Ms Pac-man. Speaking of fast chip games, the Ms Pac-man/Galaga in the newer arcade is set to slow. I now cannot stand a slow setting, since the fast Ms Pac-man and Pac-man sprites are so much more competent against the ghosts. Got the high score on Ms Pac-man/Galaga's easter egg Pac-man game (Apparently "up up up down down down left right left right left" is a common cheat for some newer gamers). After looking at a manual pdf for the machine just now, it appears that you can enable Speedy Ms. Pacman & Rapid Fire Galaga for one game by pushing the joystick left, right, left, right, up, up, up, fire then the start button (there are even more cheats there). Anyway, the new arcade has a South Park pinball where Elvis used to be. The Joust was working great again, with my high score soaring above the others. The Centipede combo screen has shifted from being too far left to too far up, but it is still working well. The Donkey Kong combo and Space Invaders combo were also working well. The arcade was nice and busy, which is about the best retro feel you can get on a Summer Saturday night.
2006-09-05floo coolyes
2006-08-27AnonymousJust found the "new" Grand Prix arcade (with alcohol bar for adults). They have a bunch of new working classics; Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command/Bowling, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981, Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Junior/Mario Bros. and Joust/Robotron: 2084. Doubled the high score on Joust; this is the best working Joust I've played in a long time. The bowling combo has the same rightward screen shift as the one in the Hub Bar in downtown Tampa; must be an inherent problem. There are other games such as Tekken II, Time Crisis II and Time Crisis III (both Crisis have duel screens). There is also an interesting Konami shooting game (circu 2000) I saw in the "Famous" Pub and Sports Palace in Atlanta, Georgia; it is called The Keisatsukan Shinjuku 24ji. The Ms Pac-man in the other Malibu arcade wasn't working. The only pinball in new the Malibu arcade was a Stern Elvis machine. All in all, though, the Grand Prix arcade has a nice retro feel. I highly recommend it.
2004-09-26DanMs Pacmna game worked well. It has a fast chip, so it's not exactly like old times for me. It is the only 80's classic game I could find there that I recognized.

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