Famous Pub and Sports Palace

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Location games last seen on:2006-04
Last change to this page:2006-09

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Bottom of the Ninth Galaga Ms. Pac-Man

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2006-08-27DanThe strange Japanese game I saw last month was Keisatsukan Shinjuku 24ji. It was manufactured in 2000; so it isn't a genuine classic, but it sure was faded like one. There is one in Tampa (Malibu Grand Pirx) that looks much better.
2006-07-18DanSorry, there is no Teris here any more. I could not find Gyruss or Gorf either. There is still a Ms Pac-Man and Galaga. There are some other games like Area 51 and a large faded Japanese arcade machine; sorry can't remember the name.

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