Brunswick Zone
(Galaxie Arcade)
Carol Stream, Illinois, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-06
Last change to this page:2008-08

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Bowl-O-Rama Capcom Bowling Clutch Hitter Coors Light Bowling
Final Lap 2 (cockpit) Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death AdderKnights Of The Round Out Run (cockpit)
Road Blasters Road Riot 4WD Starblade (cockpit) Tetris
The Simpsons Total Carnage X-Men (6 player)

Comments on This Location
2018-04-22Galaxy World FanGalaxy World Closed/ Out of Business, demolished, new strip mall built, since 2014/15, Go to The Galloping Ghost Arcade in Borookfield, IL
2014-07-01MichaelUsed to ditch class to go play street fighter 3rd strike there, great arcade, remember playing Rampage there when I was a little kid, and getting my ass handed to me in street fighter 2 when it came out.
2012-05-22MikeI was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a couple of the games back in March after they closed.
2012-05-06Anonymousbest plAce when I was growing up...... lots of found memories with my,dad and bro ...777 and double 7.
2010-07-30'Snotty' ScottyChristine - yes, the arcade and the old gang is still here! Remember me? As a reminder, I had you on the Pac-Man cocktail table, (irony at its finest, huh?) then rotated you over to the Tempest cabaret? I still have your Donkey Kong 'Pauline' underwear if you want them back. Don't worry, they've been licked clean. Good times, good times...
2009-09-27TobiasI used to work here in the early 90's while I was in High School. This arcade was top shelf along the lines of selection and game upkeep and maintenance. The arcade used to have the best pinball game selection in the midwest, but the pinball room is gone. I went there recently and it has slightly less of a selection and less space devoted to games, but times change. Still brings back memories.
2009-06-11PerryWOW!! My dad used to take me there when I was young around the 80's. I'm 32 now. It was so freaking cool. If I remember well they had the skeet ball tournaments there that had the special 50 point tickets. The Pinball machines in the back and arcades like you would not believe. All of the new ones back then. And also they had pretty cool prizes that you could exchange for the tickets. We left Chicago in 93 and now I am getting out of the military to come back to chi and take my son there for the memories. Also I heard they tore down Sportsmans's Park.
2008-10-18GChavYeah its still there, bout to head up there for a couple rounds of pool, possibly a game or 3 of bowling and then to hit up some of the classic arcades like the multiplayer x-men, streetfighter vs. xmen, killer instinct 2. Yesss sirrr.
2008-09-14ChristineOMG!!! I use to come here back in 1982-1983 & LOVED THE SHIT OUT OF THIS PLACE! Met alot of Boyfriends here!!!!!!!!! I moved to the West, so I havent been back since!! Is it still here?
2008-06-11DHCI've been recently and as far back as 20 or so years. It used to be one of the best arcades in the Chicago area. Like pretty much all arcades, it's declined a little since its heyday. But its also still inarguably one of the elite in the Chicago area and still definitely worth a visit if you're an arcade fan. Good luck finding any better, unless you're a time traveler.
2007-09-12unimpressedthe place used to be a great spot to go and hang out at,,, this was back in '95 ,,, since then it looks the same and most of the games are the same.. doesnt seem like they have tried to improve the place at all, its kind of dingy.. some if not most of the games are not maintained ie air hockey and skeet ball (< which was pretty horrible, the game panels were peeling off and the other 2 machines were of course "out of order: ) dont recommend it to anyone really, lazer tag was fun, bowling was fun, the arcade is just plain trashy!!!!!
2007-08-23genei jinmvc2, 3s, mvc 1, marvel super heroes vs street fighter, xmen vs street fighter, mk, umk3, mk4, killer instinct, alpha 2, alpha 3 yea they updated the fighters awhile ago but no one plays!!!
2005-02-06PatrickGalaxy World in Carol stream IL use to be one of the greatest arcades. They had everything, multiples of the really hot games. Many of the game company's did their test marketing their. I recently went their and it's nothing but redemption and driving games. If you visit their you can still see the wall of el coves where they used to have 20 to 30 well maintained pinball machines.
2003-04-04Paul N.There's lots of space alright. The ammount of games this place has is really shrinking. I have been going there for almost 20 years (Even when it was known as Gala Lanes...Before the cheapskates at Brunswick took over). They had EVERYTHING! I still go there to play pool. The place is starting to look rundown. I hope Brunswick isn't letting this place go adrift to make it a "legit" tax loss.
2002-09-24Tony PThis is a BIG arcade knows as "Galaxie World". It's only listed as Brunswick Zone (attached to it) because that is what it maps to. This place has a lot of space, many driving games and 5 pins, and lots of vids. Bumper cars too. Prices on games are very reasonable also. I hear this used to be one of the big arcades back in the day.

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