Union Station (train station)

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Location games last seen on:2004-06
Last change to this page:2004-07

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Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command Galaga Ms. Pac-Man

Comments on This Location
2012-12-15Bill GThis arcade here was closed,
2009-01-11DHC:) Are you sure you mean Union Station, though, and not one of the others? I've not been in it often, but don't recall any games and the directory doesn't suggest anything like it. http://www.chicagounionstation.com/graphics/UnionStaChi_brochure.pdf What's there now and where are they located?
2008-07-31grichardI play union station all the time - can have a stinky hobo from time to time but if you can play with an unwashed man critiqueing your game you can play anywhere.
2001-03-20George A.Not a great place to play games at all! But great if you work downtown, especially during lunch hours. If you can ignore the rushing mobs that cut through the arcade room to get to their train and the occasional smelly bum asking you for a quarter then its not that bad. The MS. Pac-Man arcade last I seen has the dip-switch set up to where Ms. Pac-Man moves incredibly fast making the game easier and somewhat funner.

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