America's Playable Arcade Museum

McLean, Illinois, USA
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Location games last seen on:2013-05
Last change to this page:2013-07

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BubblesBurgertimeCircus CharlieCrystal Castles
Dig Dug (Caberet)Donkey KongFire Truck (Cockpit)Frenzy
GalagaGauntletJoustLunar Lander
Moon PatrolMs. PacManPac ManPole Position II (Cockpit)
Q*BertQixRobotronSatan's Hollow (Mini)
Space InvadersSprint 2Spy Hunter (Cockpit)Star Wars (Cockpit)
Stargate (Mini)StockerSuper BreakoutSuper Sprint
The Empire Strikes BackTime PilotTronTutankham
VanguardWizard of Wor (Mini)

Comments on This Location
2016-03-13joethis is an old list, many of the games have been rotated out or moved to his arcade in atlanta. still a great place with a great selection of games. he has added an arcade bed n breakfast and has a pinball museum coming later in 2016!
2013-10-19jimGood location. Also, Atlanta, IL has an arcade (5 miles away) but I did not stop by.
2013-08-09JohnThis place is really a gem. Stop by on a Saturday when they are open. It is worth the trip.

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