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Niles, Illinois, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-06
Last change to this page:2008-08

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Asteroids GalagaIronman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road X-Men

Comments on This Location
2013-09-07classicrommer72 Sad to see the evolution of this places degradation over the years. I first saw it as a Cyberstation back in 1995 when they still had new games every few months or so. The last several times I was there were just pitiful, its a rathole now and I do not look forward to ever going back. No one seems to care about the place anymore.
2013-09-07classicrommer72As for other locations, I have seen the one at Chicago Ridge Mall...also fairly sad. There is definitely NOT one in Schaumburg, as one poster speculated.
2010-07-30Lil' StevieI took a dump in the middle of the floor here...and guess what? The place actually IMPROVED!
2009-08-02MikePlace is just a trash can. Messy everywhere, workers slacking, games not working. Terrible place.
2009-03-12danielthis place is trash. worst arcade ever. 90% of games malfunction
2008-06-21DHCWent back. Asteroids didnít work (no asteroids, just ufos?!?) and Aerosmith Revolution X had a broken gun (middle one). Off-Road played well. 19XX seemed ok, but bored me. Didnít test Galaga, Tetris, or Xmen. Also has 5-7 pinball machines (mostly 90s I think Ė no classics). Lots of Ďgun gamesí, too. There appears to be a Chicago Ridge Mall location (same name) and 1 other (the clerk thought maybe Schaumberg).
2008-06-15DHCDidn't get to play, but stuck my head in recently, after discovering it on this site. This is a real rarity - mall arcades used to be a given at any remotely decent full-sized mall. Now, I can't remember the last time I saw a mall arcade before this (excluding the 'couple games in a theater entrance' deals). The front is mostly kiddie stuff - sitdown racers, redemption games, Dance Dance Revolution - but there's older further back. Didn't have time to linger, but I handled a couple buttons and sticks quickly, and they felt alright. Doesn't go in the top tier with places like Galaxy World, Star Worlds, Nickel City, but, by current standards, its a decent medium-sized arcade, and a novelty for its location.

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