Nickel City

Northbrook, Illinois, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-06
Last change to this page:2009-09

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Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man Rastan
Scramble Super Contra Super High Impact Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tetris The Simpsons Track & Field Viper
WWF Wrestlefest

Comments on This Location
2009-08-03GaryBuseyGreat, great place. I was dumbfounded by all the fighting games they had - Super SF 2 Turbo, Street Fighter 3, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter EX 2/3 (forgot) and Tekken 5. Great choice of games to choose from and really, how can you not love the cost? Just cost me 4 nickels to play SF 3 instead of 4 quarters . Very nice.
2009-07-29t.r.Elizabeth, I believe you're thinking of Battle Balls.
2008-08-23retroplayerHope I didn't scare anyone. NC still open for business, must have been a fluke. Only place that has a Street Fighter II and III in good condition in Chi-town area. And Super Contra :)
2008-08-22retroplayerI just went there tonight and it was closed, for good I think. Unless he moved to a new location, I am really bummed.
2008-06-30DHCVery nice place. It's tucked inconspicuously into a strip mall. They have lots of newer driving and 'dancing' games and the kiddie redemption games in front. Older games are towards the back. There's a large seating area in back for parties and a small, but well-stocked concession stand (pizzas, drinks, etc). Looks like they've spent some money making the eating areas nicer-looking. Admission is $2 at all times, but that absolutely shouldn't be a deterrent. There're plenty of good games to play - the older ones are all free (so 8 games on those pay for your visit) and the newer ones operate on 1-4 nickels per play (5-20 cents), which is also very cheap. It's got a good collection of games and their condition was really good. Ms Pac-Man had a kind of washed out screen (but still completely playable), some of the WWF WrestleFest controllers didn't work (but it's free, so you don't lose any money finding out which ones you ought to use - you just can't go 4-way), and Pac-Man was temporarily down. Otherwise, everything I tried was great (and I tested almost all the free ones, just to see). Overall, a lot of the video games are from the 90s, somewhat past the 'classic era', but still enjoyable for old timers. This was a very encouraging visit, in that Nickel City appears to have gotten a lot better than when it was Super Just Games (under different ownership) and also improved since my other visit about 1yr ago. It looks like they’ve got a healthy business model of getting parents with kids or groups of kids in like a Chuck E Cheese would, but having actual video games, instead of just the redemption stuff.
2008-06-30DHC^^All the 1991 and earlier games^^ Simpsons Rastan Super Contra Tetris Wrestlefest Viper Scramble Track and Field Pac-Man Ms Pac-Man Mr. Do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Super High Impact ^^Most, but not all, of the 1992 or later non-driving/shooting games^^ D&D Shadows Over Mystara Street Fighter II Turbo Street Fighter III Street Fighter Alpha Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 4 Rampage World Tour NFL Blitz 99 NBA Showtime Gauntlet Dark Legacy Die Hard Arcade Killer Instinct 2 Wrestlemania NeoGeo 19XX Battle Balls
2008-01-04alexhey, i love this place, i have been going here for years (since it was super just games) The $2 admission is annoying, but it really is a good deal. You can just chill on the old games, most of them are in decent shape, but there are some problems. Overall it is a great place, as long as the kids stay away from you. I need some time crisis tho... peace
2006-10-15ElizabethI was there last Saturday, and the Free Play section was in pretty good shape. They even had Mega Man: The Power Battles! Does anyone know the name of the game they had where groups of 3 marbles fall and you have to line up 4 or more of the same color? I can't remember it!
2005-08-08TroyI went there yesterday. I was hoping to play Defender and they no longer have Defender or Mappy. However, they have an Ultracade that has Quiz & Dragons. So its a good place. The end.
2005-02-28MikeHey Salvador, I went to Nickel City tonight. I checked out some of their classic games. awesome. I played at Nickel City for 4 hours in their freeplay section. Nickel City is super affordable and a great place to kill some time and have fun.
2005-02-22SalvadorI was just at Nickel City tonight, 2-22-05, there classics are really on free-play. I've read some of the other comments, and i have to disagree, there free play section is in great shape. I guess they changed owners and there store is now so much better. The new owner actually takes care of there games. I saw there website and its it has pics and everything. Great Place to GO!!!!!
2005-01-25Jill MIt's a cheap place to go have some fun for a bit.You can't expect too much from a free play game. I don't know why you all haven't just d/l'ed emulators and play them at home.
2002-04-16Tony PBeware!!! I went there on a Saturday afternoon, and it was CLOSED for a private party. They even had a big burly bouncer chomping a cigar outside to turn people away. They better open to the public at thier peak times or it isn't going to last!
2002-04-09Jason KratzMany of the classics here are in poor shape. Skramble video is messed up. Pacman screen is flickering badly. many games are in beat up generic cabinets and controls dont all work.
2002-03-31zortmanI was just at Nickel City yesterday and they have a four player version of Wrestlefest! Only two of the controllers are in really good shape though.
2002-03-17Tony PThanks Jacob, Super Just Games (and all it's nasty comments) are now deleted.
2002-03-16Jacob KaplanFYI, this is Super Just Games, under new management. Still only $2 to get in, and the classics are free. The place is a little smaller, however.

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