Nickel World
(Most classics free play, $1.75 admission.)
Rockford, Illinois, USA
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Location games last seen on:2009-01
Last change to this page:2009-05

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Centipede Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Final Lap (cockpit)
Gyruss Joust Moon Patrol Pac-Man
Popeye ScrambleTerra Cresta The Main Event
The Simpsons

Comments on This Location
2016-12-30joeman this place has gone downhill. Half the free games in the back do not work. Needs a lot of renovating
2009-01-17DHCNickel World is very similar to Nickel City (Northbrook). Itís a small independent place in business strip. It has lots of kiddie/redemption-style games, some gun and driving games, one pinball (Judge Dredd), a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova), and classics in the back. NW has side rooms for kid parties, although they donít sell much food themselves (popcorn, inexpensive pop, and ice cream). Again, like Nickel City, thereís an entrance fee ($2.25). However, since all the classics are free play, and everything else runs on 1-4 nickels, the cover is well worth it for even a modest length visit. Thereíve been some changes in the games and more oldies than currently listed Ė Iím submitting them all. Their condition is reasonable.
2008-07-08DevinHey does ANYONE know where there is an arcade with Donkey Kong in it?In North Carolina?Because I played it on Multicade and it only had 2 levels and I want to play the full game!
2008-06-21DerekIt is possible it might be a pirated machine. If any one knows how to tell the difference between real and fake machines, please tell us. I don't want Nickel World to go out of business.
2008-05-04DanI have been to a number of arcades that have what are possibly illegal multiple classic arcade games. I have not been to this arcade, so I have no clue as to if this is one of them. If it is, then there is probably a virtual dip switch setting the owner can use to tell the machine to save the high scores. Anyway, I have not reported any of the potentially illegal cabinets I have seem in arcades, because I don't want anymore harm to come to these remaining video game rooms. Happy Hours arcade games are not sanctioned trademark machines and are as legal as MAME; I learned that the hard way when I tried to be legal by purchasing one of these to replace my personal MAME machine. Illegal PCBs should be replaced with legal multiple games such as UltraCade (or Global Arcade Classics) and Arcade Legends. Here is some info on the implications; Anti-Piracy Forces Target Arcade Classics:
2008-05-03DerekRegarding the high scores being saved, the real machines (Centipede, Pac-man,etc.) save the high scores. But the "Classic Arcade" multiple game machine does not
2008-05-03DerekNickel World has modern games, too. Dance Dance Revolution, Virtua Cop, California Speed, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, to name a few
2008-05-03DerekThere is a cool sniper game with a scope that also shows the image on the big screen
2008-05-03DerekThere are also non-video games like Skee-Ball and (rip-off) "Try to win 500 tickets by grabbing a purple ball" games
2008-05-03DerekNickel World used to have good prizes to redeem tickets for, but lately they have been crappy
2007-12-12number 1 illinois gameri have a message for brett. keep up the good work.theres not too many of you guys in illinois.
2007-11-11BrettJust went out there tonight to play Donkey Kong. Admission is $2.25, but they have a coupon on their website admitting 2 for the price of 1 if you are taking a friend. There's not really anything to eat there besides popcorn so eat beforehand.
2007-11-11BrettAlso bring something to wipe off the machine (eww). The whole back wall of classics, minus the driving games, was free play. The high score on the machine when I got there was low and quickly I had all 5 high scores, highest was 84,100.
2007-11-11BrettThey literally pulled the plug on me at 9:51pm when I was about to beat my record. I really doubt those machines have a high score save feature, but we'll see when I go back.
2007-11-11BrettNo chairs or stools there, so if you are tall like me you will have some trouble after a couple hours of squating on the smaller machines. Other machines: The player 1 button on Donkey Kong Jr. is broken so you'll only be playing 2 player games.
2007-11-11BrettScramble has infinite lives set so that game never ends unfortunately. There is a Donkey Kong in a Multiple Arcade type machine that plays just like the real machine but since the joystick is a Happs Competition 8-way it kind of hangs up the gameplay.
2007-06-05person who lives in that areayea. Nickel World offers a variaty of games. both new and old. and is a NICKEL PER GAME!

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