Mr. and Miss Cue

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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Location games last seen on:2001-09
Last change to this page:2001-10

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GalagaMs. Pac-ManPac-Man (cocktail)The Simpsons

Comments on This Location
2006-07-18Carlos Diaz SolerHello! My name is Carlos and I will be relocating somewhere in Indanapolis in August. I used to work for Julian's Billiard Academy in New York (1990) but after a few years I decided to move back to Puerto Rico. Now my wife found a much better job at your State and I would love to work for your bussines. I love billiards and I sell here Connelly & AMF among others. Sales Here dropped on a 70% basis because of the worst 6 years of government of the history of Puerto Rico. As soon as I get there I will be visiting you to say Hello-personaly and have a few words with you guys. Thanks for your time. Atte: Carlos Diaz Soler [phone number removed]
2006-07-18RWMCarlos, I removed your phone number; please refrain from putting personal phone numbers or e-mail addresses on this forum as it poses a potential security risk. If you click on the "Try to map this location" link, you will find the Mapquest entry for this site where you can get their street/mailing address and their phone number. That is much more likely to bring success than posting here, as it's quite likely that nobody at Mr. and Miss Cue ever reads this forum! Good luck to you on your search.

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