Indiana Beach
Monticello, Indiana, USA
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Location games last seen on:2002-08
Last change to this page:2002-08

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Centipede Drag Race Final Lap Galaga
Marble Madness Monaco GP (cockpit) Ms. Pac-Man NARC
Out Run Pole Position (cockpit) Punch-Out!! Rampage
Spy Hunter (cockpit) Suzuka 8 HoursTrack & Field Trivia Whiz

Comments on This Location
2007-05-04Rodney ClearThe putt putt course was exciting. I was amazed that I had won the putt putt championship.
2002-08-16Brian F.Indiana Beach is an arcade heaven (and an amusement park heaven as well). They have TONS of games, old and new, and the prices are low. Most games are in great shape as well. There are tons of pinball games for a quarter! There are three arcades -- two are in the park and one is a short walk away at the IB campground. Plus, if you don't want to ride, you only have to pay the $2 general admission. Great place!
2001-07-13John WengrowThe Gallery of Ghouls at Indiana Beach is a truly CLASSIC game. Although no prize is offered, you use your target skill to set off the ghouls and if you get 13 hits out of a possible 15--you get a free game. I have been playing it there for over 20 years and it is still as much fun as it ever was!!!

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