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Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA
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2007-12-12kentuckys number 1 gamerthis is a message for cherhead .donhead is kentuckys number 1 geek and you are kentuckys number 2 geek.
2005-05-19steve millerMr. Boutwell,We agree that everyone should answer for what they've done.Let's see the government lied us into Vietnam,lied about agent orange,and now we have the biggest liar's running the country.You are right Jane Fonda is the cause for all the lying,cheating,stealing,and murdering going on now and then.While we appreciate your personal sacrifice in serving your country you need to wake up to reality sir. Thanks,Steve Miller
2005-05-18DonheadI can't understand why the new Jane Fonda movie "Monster-in-Law" has been banned from this movie Theatre..."wHATS THE WORLD "COMING's just a movie people!!!Man this must be a redneck town or something!! LMAO & to even ban and not show Michael Moore's film, "Fahrenheit 9/11"...iS Boutwell affraid of the truth?..or is Boutwell a pure redneck?..L.M.A.O.oR IS Boutwell SCARED of the truth of movies?........Grow up and get un rednecked................... Donhead "master of evil"
2005-05-18cher coxthanks for NOT showing the jane fonda movie. she is a disgrace. i would not go to see her for free if she was just across the street. let alone pay to see her. she wont be getting any of my hard working money. i love this country.
2005-05-18cher coxi would be interested in how old the liberal idiot ... donhead is.
2005-05-18Van HolleyTo: Ike Boutwell Subject: Jane Fonda movie Mr. Boutwell, I would like to thank you for standing up and not showing the new Jane Fonda movie. I made a promise to myself 35 years ago that I would never spend a penny that might end up in Jane's pocket. In my opinion she never should of been allowed back in the U.S.A.. I would also like to thank you for during your part helping train pilots during Vietnam. I'm sure it helped save lots of American lives. Next town I'm in Elizabethtown I will come by and thank you in person. God Bless. VH Austin, Texas
2005-05-18John DrezThanks for not showing the movie. Like others have said, I will not spend my money on anything she does nor do I watch anything she is in on TV. And Donhead, a little researh on the subject would not hurt you as it has nothing to do with what the movie is about as it has to do with her being in it. I have no issue with having an opinion about anything about our country but she crossed the line. She is anti american.
2005-05-18MM- SeattleEven though I live a few thousand miles away I am still interested and appreciative of your integrity in not showing any of "Hanoi Jane's" movies. She needs to accept responsibility and consequence for her treasonous actions. Its people like you, Ike, who have the good sense and moral understanding that its not "just another movie, what's the big deal?" Jane Fonda was and still is a traitor! Donhead's first name should be Dick. Thanks, Ike!
2005-05-18StuThe south has raised it's ugly & ignorant head once again. I think you people are the worlds dumbest. This is America, where we have the freedom of choice. Once you take control of what people should see or hear we are no better than China or USSR. The Vietnam war was wrong. It's a war that our goverment pushed, a lot like the war in Iraq. Notice that the armed services recruiment are down in the past few months? When are you dumb asses having the next book burning? When are you people going to wake up?
2005-05-18Fred Mannheim It is interesting to note that while no one seems to have a bad thing to say about the idiots who perpetrated the useless war that we got ourselves involved in in Vietnam you don't mind holding a grudge against someone who merely wanted to insure that our guys didn't end up dying uselessly (Which they did). The war was the Crime. The Pentagon Papers proved as much. Those like Boutwell who hate Fonda but love the fools that started the war have their own problems. I too served in Vietnam and yet I do know who deserves the blame and who should really be punished. Your ban is misguided.
2005-05-18ralph conradGood job banning the Jane Fonda movie. Glad to see someone taking a stand for the good old USA !
2005-05-18PatriotThank you, thank you, thank you for refusing to show that traitor Fonda's recent movie. It warms my heart to see a U.S. Patriot take a stand. Perhaps we will begin to see more of this and those who run or own media outlets and claim to be Patriots will ban not only Fonda movies, but anything that the following anti-american Bush hating activists appear in... Streisand, Martin Sheen, Cher, Jessica Lange, Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Ed Asner, George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jennifer Anniston (and many many more). All the above have spoken out against the Iraq war and in the process have demoralized our troops and undermined our position. All of their movies and TV shows should be banned from the public airways.
2005-05-18cher coxto stu, he doesnt care if you go somewhere else to see the movie. he does not want to be part of raising money for her. she is a traitor. yes this is his feedom of choice also. the right choice to not show her movie.
2005-05-18SiobhanCHER COX. We are not in high school. Did you read what stu wrote?? Ignorance & hypocrisy is a sick disease that you are helping spread through this country. PATRIOT - Newsflash, buddy - you are not a patriot if you want to censor your fellow Americans. These actors have spoken their beliefs, ALOT of Americans agree with them, because they care about OUR FREEDOM and what America should represent. You represent intolerance, ignorance, and everything this country has got to get away from. Congrats.
2005-05-18AMSJane Fonda disgusts me and I applaud the banning of this movie for the principle of it, and I'm glad to see someone standing up for their beliefs, no matter what others might say. I don't know how she can show her face in public anyway.

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