Arcade Odyssey
(Formerly Ground Zero)
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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Location games last seen on:2007-09
Last change to this page:2007-12

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Black Widow Congo Bongo Donkey Kong Missile Command
Moon Patrol Ms. Pac-Man Phoenix Pleiads
Tempest Wizard Of Wor Xevious

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Comments on This Location
2013-04-26Jim AHad Edward go thru my 1978 Bally Strikes and Spares Pinball. Awesome job. It works flawlessly. Told me best practices on how to keep it running well. Recommend higly.
2010-02-04jbMost games are in bad shape, not many for sale. The ones that are for sale are way over priced (Ms Pac for 1195?)
2007-03-29raidynWHERE'S ALL THE SNK GAMES!?!?!?!
2006-02-03BillThe only place in Louisville to have your classic arcade games repaired. Edward is a super nice person to deal with and does an EXCELLENT job on his repairs. If you have a broken coin op game take it to Arcade Odyssey.
2004-05-19J.P.This guy is super! He is very reasonable and knows how to fix them if something goes wrong. I am speaking from experience. I have purchased two games from him and haven't had ANY problems.
2002-12-24GeoffOdyssey Arcade has been open to the public for awhile and consists of many classic games. The owner also is specializing in classic arcade game sale/repairs. There are always 9-10 games in there at one time not to mention a couple of pinball's.
2002-09-22GeoffThough he is closing shop, a sign reads "Coming Soon Odyssey Arcade" I think he might be setting up a retro/current style arcade
2002-05-17jasonedward is the man for games... knows his stuff inside and out! i just bought my first game from him. very cool guy, but sadly, he is closing shop at the end of May 2002.
2001-07-16DCSWThis dood is the authority on classic arcade in Louisville... All games are in super condition.
2001-04-29Chad Q.This is actually a record store but the owner is a collector of video games and is very friendly. The best thing is he keeps the games in excellent condition and has several vector games, which are quite rare in Louisville. He rotates the games from time to time as he only has room downstairs for 8 at a time.

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