Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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Location games last seen on:2011-10
Last change to this page:2011-12

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Asteroids (mini)Asteroids DeluxeBattlezoneCentipede (mini)
Defender (cocktail)Donkey Kong (cabaret)Donkey Kong JuniorEagle
FroggerGalaga (mini)JoustJoust 2
Jungle KingMissile CommandMousetrapMs. Pac-Man (mini)
Pac-Man (cocktail)PhoenixPole Position (cockpit)Popeye (cocktail)
Rally-X (mini)Robotron: 2084 (mini)Space InvadersStar Wars
TapperTempest (mini)Track & Field (cocktail)Tron

Comments on This Location
2014-04-12tagrynStopped in while I was in town in Sept. 2012. The place is basically a college bar near ULouisville. Unfortunately none of the games were on during lunch, so it may be the case that they are only turned on at night, or you may have to request if you want to play a particular game.

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