Plaza Coin Laundry

Radcliff, Kentucky, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-04
Last change to this page:2005-06

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Ms. Pac-ManNamco Classic Collection Volume 2

Comments on This Location
2005-06-23Mike WatersThis place is a typical laundromat. It's not all that great for playing games, since Ms. Pac-Man has terrible screen burn and its angle against the sun makes seeing the dots you've eaten near impossible, so you have to remember which ones you've eaten or you'll go in circles forever. Also, part of the display on the Namco Classics Vol. 2 machine is messed up, but it's still pretty fun to play. The Namco Classics Vol. 2 machine is in Japanese (the games aren't, but the title screen for the machine's interface itself is).

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