Showtime Cinemas

Radcliff, Kentucky, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-08
Last change to this page:2005-08

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Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Namco Classic Collection Volume 1 Pac-Land Paperboy
Super Sprint

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2008-08-12Mike WatersRennovations to Showtime are complete, and sadly, they took out all their classic games.
2005-07-30Mike WatersGood news for all the Turtles gamers in the Radcliff area! The joystick for Donatello in the Turtles In Time machine at Showtime Cinemas has been repaired! I played it one of the last times I was there, and the joystick worked great. Too bad about the horrible glitching in Paperboy. They need to fix that next. The game even gave me a score of over a billion points (yes, a BILLION) for reasons I still don't understand, and it was mainly due to the glitching!
2004-07-13Mike WatersI just stopped by Showtime this month, and here's a quick update. The Namco machines aren't there anymore, I don't think. They put WWF Royal Rumble in place of them. -.- Most of the other games that I remember being there are still there, and happy to say, Super Sprint does work! It was turned on the last time I visited, and I got to play it. Blue side works great, not sure about the other 2 yet. Michaelangelo's and Leonardo's controls work well in Turtles In Time, and they also have a Paperboy machine on the right side (with Pac-Land, Turtles In Time, and Super Sprint). I seem to remember them having that machine before, but I forgot about it apparently, or they may have gotten rid of it and gotten it back, and I don't see why they would do that. I guess they just moved the machine to the other side of the theater and I overlooked it until now.
2004-06-14Mike WatersNamco Classic Collection Volume 2 is gone, and I believe Volume 1 might be as well. They made room for WWF Royal Rumble. -.- Anyway, there is still the Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 machine at the laundromat nearby, which is in Japanese. I will try to get the name of the place soon and post it.
2003-11-19Brad If you ever go there before January let me know if those games are there. I'm from Champaign, Il. A friend of mine is going to Louisville in January to a skateboard park and I was planning on driving down to radcliff to play those namco classics if there still there. Mappy-Galaga arrangements were fun games and also the pac-arrangement was good.
2003-10-29Mike WatersI haven't been there in a long time, but it probably is. You would need to go in through the left side to find them.
2003-10-29Mike WatersEmail me if you're interested in meeting up to do some gaming.
2003-10-14Brad Hi I was just wondering if the namco classics collection vol 1 & 2 are still there and if so are they still in good working condition.
2002-09-24Mike WatersI wouldn't really recommend this place to play games, unless you're going for a movie and need a way to pass the time. There are a few good games here, though - the Namco Classics machines work great, and this is an ideal place to play Namco games if this is your interest. There is another Namco Classics machine(vol. 2 I believe) at a laundromat in town(last time I saw it), but that machine is in Japanese. If you don't understand Japanese or don't want to fool with it, Showtime's the place to be. Super Off-Road seems to work well, and Pac-Land works really well. Pac-Land lovers will want to get a game in here as it's the only machine you will find of it for a long way out. Unfortunately, the fact that Super Sprint may be broken(it is never on) and Donatello's joystick for Turtles In Time is malfunctioning, really messes up what could otherwise be a great experience. I have only tried Donatello's controls for Turtles In Time, so the others may have problems too, but I do not know if that is the case.

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