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Natick, Massachusetts, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-11
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Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command G-LOC Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981Namco Classic Collection Volume 2

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2008-12-23HomerJIt was always a treat in the early 80's to have dinner at Duca's then get 5 bucks to play at Fun & Games. Still remember the "uproar" when Dragon's Lair came out and cost 50 cents. Nice to see that it still survives, even if in a much different form than I recall.
2008-01-11LinoliumI was born and raised in Natick. I remember back in the early 2ks (1999, 2000), I used to goto fun and games to play tekken tag a lot. There was always atleast 3 people playing it- typically more like 7 or 10 at a time. Great memories of getting my butt whipped :). Every tekken player knew each other. Good times... Also back then they had a really good air hocky table over in the cornner. They've since replaced it with a far worse glowing air hocky table :(. I never went to the village green too often so I don't have as many fond memories about the F&G2 shack. I was so dissapointed when I went to F&G recently. Their nice flashy enterance is gone, most of their *real arcade* games are gone, and the few games that are left really arn't as fun. Sure Tekken 5, Tetris, and Virtua Tennis are fun... but that's not the point. 3 or 4 games down from 8 to 10 games being fun. Oh well... Thats why I collect arcade machines myself now! My home arcade is always great :D
2007-10-27NostalgioI'm in my 40s and remember this place when it was nothing but a booth with a small handful of pinball machines plus a Pong and Sea Wolf video game. It quickly evolved into a HUGE place with a sizeable pool hall. I spent far too much time and money over the years here, but have many fond memories of the joint. It's hard NOT to compare; that's human nature. And comparing, it is rather sad what Fun&Games has turned into. But it's understandable. They had to evolve or die. With PC and console gaming available in such great quality and quantity, it's much harder to convince someone to get off his/her duff to come to their establishment to play games. And the ridiculous pricing doesn't help either. So what places are left for teens/young adults to get together and have some fun? There is the cinema on Flutie Pass, but that's not the best place for a bunch of teens to have conversations. So that leaves... oh yeah, the Natick Mall (sorry, "Collection"). I'm sure all those overpriced store owners will be delighted to be housed in the most likely gathering place for the area youth.
2007-06-12Jay F.I've been reading all the comments about the remodeled Fun and Games in Framingham, and I'm not quite sure that the over 21 gamers quite understand the direction that Fun and Games is (obviously) going. They are not packing in teenagers late at night like they used to. Instead, they have remodeled and cleaned the place up to focus on childrens birthday parties. Basically, my 8 year old and his friends love Fun and Games, my 25 year old who is a big gamer does not any more. People like myself, who frequented Fun and Games in the 70s and 80s need to stop comparing the arcade from back then to the modern day Fun and Games, its geared towards children now, bottom line.
2007-05-06Jac2MacI remember going to this Fun & Games arcade a few years ago several times and I usually played Strikers 1945 there.
2007-02-13TRIppfun n games sucks now, aladins castle was the best but they had to take it out, sucks, now i kant play initial d [... rest of comment removed as derogatory. -- RWM]
2006-11-09Snes ManiacI have never heard of 2 Fun N Games in Natick. Only one which is near Natick Mall and Shopper's World. Also, Alladin's Castle was sadly replaced by another store which I think takes care of children while their parents are shopping or something...
2006-04-24fred hauserfun and games sucks. it used to be really good in the 70s and 80s.if you go there now every game cost between 1dollar and three doallars and dont even last very long.. total rip off!!!!!!
2005-10-30lazer taggerThere are TWO Fun N Games! One is at the Village Green Mini golf on Route 9 (315 Worcester Rd) Natick. This one is called "Fun N Games 2". The second is on 50 Worcester Road (route 9) on the Framingham + Natick town line, headed eastbound (torwards boston). This one switches games a lot. On top of having arcade games, they have pinball, skee ball, laser tag, and some other games. Redemption counter with prizes. You should probably call first for a game lineup. Make sure to hit them both, since they're only 5 minutes apart! And don't forget to hit Aladdins Castle in the Natick mall too, which is right across the street, upstairs in the food court!
2005-10-22GabeThis location also has a Pacman/Galaga Class of '81 combo arcade

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