Laundry World

College Park, Maryland, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-03
Last change to this page:2008-04

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Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Model

Comments on This Location
2003-01-15McAllisterFallsChurch@yahoo.comBring your anti-bacterial lotion from the College Park CVS!!!! They don't seem to clean their games. They are dingy and awfull. Playable however. Fun to do laundry and meet hot babes from University of Maryland.
2003-01-15McAllisterFallsChurchGames are "playable". However they look quite their age. Cool place to go when visiting the University of Maryland.
2001-08-16dcdenI went by yesterday... the place has been renamed "Laundry World".
2001-02-05Jeff CarlsonAll classics were powered-on and "playable". They have about 10 other non-classics there too. Ms. Pacman appears to have speed-up chip. I didn't play it, but somebody had reached the bananna level ok. Arkanoid spinner has irritating friction, but given the small rotation needed to actually play the game, its really ok. Monitor is goofy, causing sides of screen to appear warped. Galaga joystick has no spring-return so it it very loose and sloppy. Plays surprisingly well given the condition. Didn't really inspect Pac mania other than to see that it was on. Jr Pacman looks perfect. Gyruss is ok - screen was quite dim, but it was in direct sunlight, so maybe that was it.

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