Crab Towne USA
( Crain Hwy & Rt. 100, Around 70 total classics)
Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-12
Last change to this page:2009-11

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After Burner Ameri Darts Arch Rivals Arkanoid
Arm Wrestling Assault Asteroids Ataxx
Baby Pac-Man Batman Battlezone Bottom of the Ninth
Bowl-O-Rama Cabal Carnival Centipede
Champion Baseball Part-2 Championship Sprint Commando Congo Bongo
Crackshot Crime City Demolition Derby Dig Dug
Donkey Kong Double Dragon ESWAT Cyber Police F1 Exhaust Note
Final Fight Forgotten Worlds Galaga Golden Axe
Gorf Gyruss Hang-On Hat Trick Hero
Hydra Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Karate Champ Klax
Kung-Fu Master Make Trax Mappy Mario Bros.
Missile Command Ms. Pac-Man Operation Wolf P.O.W. Prisoners Of War
Pac-Man Phoenix Pole Position Pole Position II
Popeye Punch-Out!! Q*Bert Quarterback
Special Criminal Investigation Spy Hunter Superman Tapper
Tetris The Simpsons Time Soldiers Track & Field (cocktail)
Tri-Sports Trivia Whiz U.S. Classic Vs. Hogan's Alley
Vs. Super Mario Bros. World Series Baseball

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2017-01-10Tim Stone Update to my 2002 post: Crab Towne is still up and running and has a ton of games.
2016-10-31Steve N.Just visited Crabtowne for the first time in many years. Its still going strong. The have remodeled since I was last there and the place looks pretty good. While a good number of the games were in need of some attention, all but one of their nearly 100 pins and games seemed to be up and operational. Stop in and give the owners a reason to keep these classics running.
2014-08-04GabrielStill going strong. Some machines are in need of repair, mostly the pinball games. I was told this was because the technician was on vacation and would be back soon. Quite a few great games, The food is good. The staff was very friendly and ready to dish out quarters and some great food. I had a lot of fun and will go back soon!
2012-10-03Christopher L.All the games I played, mostly pinball, were in good shape. The only disappointment was that Twilight was not working. Had a blast playing Bad Cats, The Addams Family, Popeye, and others. Absolutely worth the trip.
2010-08-08tagrynVisited in late July 2010. This is still a pretty incredible collection of machines in one place, but remember that in most cases the games are 25-30 years old and have the expected wear-and-tear. Games that were out of service were Battlezone, Assault, and Gorf, and I don't recall seeing After Burner there anymore. Change machine was turned off, may have been out of order.
2010-02-22RichardThe games were in good shape(which is pretty amazing when you consider that this stuff is well over 20 years old). Every Pinball machine I played worked really well and you could tell that the person that works on them does a good job. The food was decent and the beer was cheap so I will be back! I highly recommend crab towne for anyone that is a fan of pinball or old school arcade games.
2010-02-10NSC GameboyI've been coming here for years and I love the retro feel, which was lost doing the last few years. For anyone who wants to go back and revisit a time where games had reason than bring yourself to Crab Towne.
2009-12-25Drunky KongI was there on Christmas Eve 2009. Awesome time. Almost every game was working. This place deserves major credit for keeping the arcade open! It's definitely worth the trip. Playing the real dedicated machines is much better than playing multicade versions of the classics (better action on the joysticks, analog sound, etc.) The proprietors were very friendly. Customers were friendly too. Yes its a working class kind of place but that's a good thing. I don't know where some of these mean spirited comments are coming from. I highly recommend making the effort to get there. I know I'll be back!
2009-09-24DonAn awesome place. I saw Tom from Electronics Unlimited hard at work repairing a Pinball machine. A great guy. There are a lot of machines there so he can't service them all at once. Help him out by adding to the repair list. This place is a rare gem. Arm Wrestling (definately a cousin of Punch Out) was a very neat game. Bring plenty of quarters. If you don't bring them, the waitresses are more than ready to make change for you.
2009-08-25fluffcrabtown is the best.i take my family there at least twice a month.the food isn't great but i hade worse too.i go for the pinballs.sure, some are a little dirty, and you might lose a quarter here and there but were else are you going to play 20+ pins at any location.if you like pins,this place is for you.after you hit the pins,there is a ton of arcades as well.take your kids there and show them what an arcade was like back in the day.
2009-06-10ChrisI went there and almost peed, the boxes are amazing, and they have a huge pinball selection, too. The Simpsons kicked my butt.
2009-06-01DavidSKiheres a video of the place This place would be perfect if it had a Burgertime!
2009-03-05Tom HintenachHi, I am Tom from Electronics Unlimited. I service all the games here at Crabtown. I put up the repair order sheets and suggestions. I have no way of knowing any issues with any machine without your help. Due to the age of most of these there will be some out of order, but with your help I can do the best I can to resolve all issues. Please take the time and leave me a note no matter how small the problems. Thanks!!! Tom
2008-12-12DaveFor anyone trying to find Crabtowne USA, here's a Google Maps link.,+Glen+Burnie,+MD+21061&hl=en&geocode=CSTnlSqyVwsUFYByVQIdwEht-yGac17zNRCO-w%3B&mra=pe&mrcr=0&sll=39.151509,-76.678497&sspn=0.090788,0.154495&ie=UTF8&ll=39.145835,-76.631787&spn=0,359.998793&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=39.145877,-76.631407&panoid=nBq-18qt2nefQ42vL9eRLw&cbp=12,245.38220478527168,,0,-4.152314879849927
2008-11-29RobI just had to leave my on-the-market house for a showing, so I went over to Crab Towne USA (a couple miles away) with a few quarters. I am happy to report that Gorf, Karate Champ, and Punch-Out all worked fine (although I wish I had something to blame my loss to Piston Hurricane on). The controls for Kung-Fu Master were a little unresponsive, but it was still fun.
2008-10-15JohnDon't complain there arcades are on the verge of extinction. Just enjoy. Bring your kids- show them what a gameroom of the 70's and 80's looked like.
2008-06-28SharronSo its a family owned business for more then 35 years ... everyone working is related.. the customers have grew up in the place.. lots of games... most of them work ... if they don't you can make a suggestion and request..the food is great ... the beer is cold and keno is running and every scratch off you could ask for... what more do you want are you really that picky... get a life
2008-06-04jpcline004I live about 10 minutes from here, I had driven by it and heard they had an arcade a long time ago so I was surprised when I stumbled across this site and found they still do. I actually went there for the first time tonight and was blown away. Its no FunSpot, but its as close as we are can get. They have even more games then what is listed here, and about 15 pinball machines too. go there now!!!
2008-04-23JonI agree with Joe's comments(below). I've been looking for a place like this for years. It was very surprising to find out that an arcade collection like this was even in the area. Overall, it's difficult to fairly judge this place. Given the extinction of arcades I think you're almost forced to to say its great. Nevertheless,there are plenty of beat things about Crab Towne: screen-burn, fades, coin redemption issues, and some faulty controls. Other machines are disabled, out of order, steal your quarters, or lack sound, etc. In any case, I feel like some of the issues in the comments here are kind of exaggerated. Obviously the condition may have changed in the past couple of years. To that point, there's actually a maintenance request form you can fill out as well as a game request service. Pretty rad.
2008-04-18JoeApril 08 - visited this place on a trip from NJ to Washington D.C. -- About 70 % of the games are working but many are in poor shape, almost all are very dirty. The atmosphere was pretty strange, kinda creepy. There was only one other person in the place for the hour or so i was there so don't expect a social experience. I still recommend checking the place out if you're in the area - the games are cheap and it's near impossible to find a collection like this one now...worth the visit.
2008-02-02Al2/2/08 -ok it is an aging dinosaur. But one of the few dnosaurs still alive. A real arcade from the late 70's to early 90's. A decent amount of pinball and video game in working order although most if not all show their age. Many are still a quarter per game, but some like the Simpsons pinball require 50 cents (despite the 25 cent sign in the game). Pinbot merely steals your money. Stay away. My personal favorite Carnival is working fine and only 25 cets. The gane room is situated between the restaurant/keno hall and the price gauging liquor store. This is 2008 folks, experience it while you can.
2008-01-28DawnWow Nice to hear this place is still open. Went to school near crabtown in the early 80's,and it was the best hang out, especially when you hooked school. I worked there overnights for about 3 weeks. what a trip. They actually paid you under the table. Steaming that many crabs is quite the experience. The arcade games were the best and everything was in one large room back then. Next time I get to Maryland will have to check it out!
2007-11-27f.n.I was there recently and the change machines worked just fine. It's true that many of the games have problems and are labeled to let you know that, but the vast majority work just fine and it's always a good, cheap time. No complaints here.
2007-10-01fyiCrabtowne USA is a great place just to go relax and play arcade games. (or MD Lottery) They do serve beer ( 21 and older) as well as food. It is a family based business which makes the enviroment nice. All of the regulars are friendly. It's definately a place you could go to have a couple beers and relax.
2007-09-19Jeff L.If you're looking at the list of games available at Crab Towne thinking this is some sort of fabulous arcade museum, you're sorely mistaken. This place is a DIVE. Yes, they have a buttload of games, and some of them even work sometimes (though you'll find that most if not all have at least some sort of flaw, whether it be malfunctioning controllers or 25+ years of burn-in). Upon entering the joint, you'll have to endure what my friends and I have dubbed the "poor-white-trash gauntlet." The game room is separate from the rest of the place and is on the far side, so when you first walk in you'll find yourself face to face with about 15 or 20 escapees from an Oak Ridge Boys music video circa 1982. For the most part, as long as the Keno is working, they'll leave you alone. Unfortunately, since the change machines haven't worked since the Clinton administration, you will have to bother the cashier at the counter for quarters. If you're lucky, though, you'll get the kid with the mullet who sometimes thinks that five quarters equals change for a dollar. $3 or $4 should do it... trust me, you wouldn't want to stay for much longer than that. By the way, if you do ever bother to visit this place, DO NOT EAT THE FOOD. In the years that we've been going to this place, my friends and I have bought two food items... both were crab cake sandwiches, and BOTH had glass in them. Yes, I said GLASS. This was on two completely separate occasions. How this place has stayed open for so long is beyond me. What's that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you... Anyway, on to the game room. You'll find dozens of video games and pinball machines in various states of disarray. There'll be an assortment of torn-up stools in case you find a game you like. Occasionally, one of the natives will drift in and drop a quarter in the KLAX machine or play a few rounds of STAR WARS pinball, but for the most part, no one ever really goes into the game room. Sometimes you'll find an ash tray balanced next to the controls on certain games, and most have warped plastic from ancient cigarette burns. I hate to be so negative about it but, I guess I'm just really trying to convey what horrible condition most of these games are in. It's very sad. Perhaps someday someone with the time and resources will come in and make the savages an offer they can't refuse... take these games away from the horrible land known as Glen Burnie and restore them to their former glory.
2007-09-06Pete F.I just called Crabtown USA - they went on vacation from August 15-22... they usually take one during that month, and between Christmas and New Years, so the comment saying that it's going to close is FALSE.
2007-07-31jeff cFYI, the pinballs as of 7/20/2007 are: Addams Family Bad Cats Big Guns Big Hurt Black Knight 2000 Checkpoint Cyclone Dr. Dude Eight Ball Deluxe Fish Tales Jokerz Kiss Pinbot Police Force Pool Sharks Popeye Road Kings Silver Slugger Simpsons Star Wars Twilight Zone Twister Whirlwind World Cup Soccer See for other pinball locations in DC/MD/VA
2007-07-31JJSadly, you may have heard that Crabtown USA will be closing for good very soon and its true. Sorry to see it go. Had some good times growing up there. Not sure what will happen to the machines, maybe we will auction them off.
2007-07-26JoshWas in the area this week and decided to stop in. As others have mentioned, MANY of the games are either turned off or in some other way unplayable. My best estimate is that 2/3 of the games were unplayable. Happily, from what I discovered while there, I can report that Gorf, Carnival and Phoenix were 100% playable. Sadly, One of the Gyruss machines (I didn't try the other one) and Make Trax had controller problems which made playing them impossible. It's really a shame that such an awesome collection of old and hard to find games is in such disrepair.
2007-06-28MattDarn, I didn't know places like this still exist. I've been looking for a real arcade for the last few years now. I thought all of the good arcades were extinct. I wish I could have seen that place back in 88 or the early 90's. If Crab Towne were to get a few Mortal Kombat machiens I would never leave. I plan on checking this place out in the near future.
2007-05-28ABRWent back today. Turns out there's also a little liquor store next to the arcade--it isn't open on Sundays (when I was last there) so I simply assumed that the doors led to an exit. Another one of those old crane games is in there. Eight Ball Deluxe works excellent now, they seem to have someone that knows a lot about pinball, just not video games. "Big Bat" looks to be the next machine they will work on. No progress (at least from what I saw) on the video games.
2007-05-19Ken Randazzo jr.I have lived in maryland my whole life. Im always looking for good arcades. But sadly, many here are gone. I always knew where crabtown was because of that sign with the crab on it. I never had any idea that they had an arcade untill a few months ago when my friend said he went there all the time. I finally went last week and, not lie, its like your in 1981 again! So may classics in 1 room. Some of the screens are a bit blurry but there old so i dont really hold it against the arcade. My fave game in there is Karate Master, I got the high score today. They also have a whole bunch of pinball games. But im not really into thoes so I only played 1. I strongly suggest any classic gamer to take a ride to crabtown :D Oh, you dont have to eat there to play the games, its a whole different room. But the food is wonderful because maryland crabs are so good :D You can smoke and drink in the arcade also.
2007-05-13ABRWell, today was the "one day soon" from my post about this place 3 years ago, I finally made it here. I must say that I thought it was alright, I mean, sure not everything was working, but more than less were working. They have roughly 25 pinball machines, including baby pacman. 2 were out of order (one being baby pacman), the other being Eight ball deluxe (a 1970's machine I believe). They also have 3 very old "claw" games, I was unable to make out a copyright date or manufacturer on them, but they have to be at least 30 years old. Only one was working. Also there are 2 Ms. Pac Man machines, 2 Battlezone machines (both were broken), and 2 Galaga machines, not just one of each like the list above would make you think. Here's some detailed directions, I'm pretty sure this is not the best way to go, but take it for what it's worth. If traveling on I-95 or MD 295, take Route 100 East towards Glen Burnie (it is exit 43A on I-95, I am unsure what exit number from MD 295 it is). Take route 100 to exit 15 Oakwood RD, and turn right at the light at the bottom of the ramp, and make a right at the first light (Hospital Drive). Turn right onto Route 3/Crain Hwy (I think it was the 3rd light, not sure), and then make a left at the 1st light and you will be in their parking lot. The place sits literally right next to Route 100, but there is no exit onto Route 3 from 100. This place is just 5 miles from Arundel Mills Mall, so you can make a day out of it!
2007-05-13ABRA few more comments about this place. Yes, it is sort of a "crab shack", maybe more like a diner of sorts, they have sandwiches, and even a breakfast menu. I sort of had it pictured like a cheap red lobster for some reason, I don't know why. And about making the drive for a "crab shack", who cares where these are, I mean, are some of us not the generation that grew up going to "Showbiz Pizza Place" and "Chuck E. Cheeses pizza time theatre", many of us went to a pizza place to play these games, well, now I go to a Crab place. Back to the games, the list above is rather accurate, but as someone has already said, that doesn't mean everything works. I still reccomend going though, you can't find this many machines (counting just the working ones) in many places outside of new hampshire. Even the change machine is old school, it's one of those where you put your bill on a tray and push it in. For the record, they seem to do a much better job taking care of their pinball machines than the video games. When I go again I'll see if anything with the actual video games has changed (my MAIN reason for going was for the Pinball). It looked like they were planning on working on (or sending out) the eight ball deluxe pinball game, so it's not like they completely ignore the game room like some have said.
2006-11-09Dwight J.Yesterday, I accidentally stumbled across Crabtown USA when leaving my new Doctor's office off of Bus. Route 3. I was leaving the Hardee's and making a right to go up to the next light to make a U-Turn. Saw the place on the left. Ironically, I had been looking to visit for years after seeing the entries on various visits to this page. They have a wonderful selection of games. The number of pinball tables is astounding. However, the vast majority all games could use a bit of polish and cleaning. Many games were either turned off or not working and a few like, "Punch Out!!" had severe burn-in and/or monitors were failing. I was happy to see the Vs. Super Mario Bros. and Vs. Hogan's Alley (non-working) cabinets. I haven't seen those since '86 or '87. I may have to go back soon, but armed with my own cleaning products. I hate neglected games.
2006-10-05MikeI go to Crabtowne probably 2-3 times a week and I can agree that the game room is somewhat of a disappointment. I mean the old time game room atmosphere is cool but with all the money that the restaurant makes in food and lottery sales you would think they could buy some new games. I would rate it 5/10.
2006-09-07ShadeCrabtowne is most certainly still there. I live in Maryland and stop by there every once in a while. Nothing like a classic arcade, pinball, and Maryland Blue Crabs. Crabetown is on RT 3 business.
2006-06-15JudyI had my birthday party here and it was fantastic! There were a few games that were out of order, but the place has so many it hardly mattered. About 30 people came and everyone found a game or ten that they enjoyed. Plus, the local crowd was friendly and made things more fun. I have no complaints.
2006-05-13JesseWe were up here last night for a friend's birthday. Walking into the game room is very exciting. I haven't been in a place with that many original cabinets since I was in some weird parlor in San Francisco's Chinatown a few years ago. Unfortunately, your excitement quickly takes a turn to disappointment when you see that almost half of the games in each row sits with a blank screen. Some have "out of order" signs taped on them, others just lie dormant. Of the games that are on, good luck finding one with a non-hazed display, calibrated guns, or a properly working coin slot. Pole Position was great fun until I realized that I couldn't shift into high gear due to the broken shifter; I was excited to play Terminator 2: Judgement Day until I realized that I was just shooting at the bottom left of the screen no matter where I shot my gun; I was really psyched on playing one pinball game until I realized I had put in four quarters and still didn't have a credit. At the end of the night, most people were gathered around SF2:CE, the various working pinball machines (Big Hurt & Addams Family were favorites) or wondering why they were getting knocked out by Glass Joe in Punch Out. I'd give it a 6/10 - just don't go expecting all of these games (they are definitely there) to be working.
2006-02-24R. Sloan Ph.D. from Tamp, FL.Crab Towne has been there forever it seems. The original owners were about the friendliest people a person could meet. It use to be open 24 hours a day. I have only the fondest memories of that wonderful place. The seafood use to be top of the line, only to be outdone by the prices. I would stop in once every couple of years through the 1990's and the owners would always remember my name. I haven't been there since it was renovated. I am wondering if the family still owns and operates it like they have for the past 35 years or so... Now that I have found out it's open, I will go back. I miss it. Oh, by the way the games were so awesome. Crab Towne started putting the games in around 1978, starting with pac-man. It grew like crazy and the rest is history. If the original family is still operating the place, I recommend anyone to stop in and have seafood, some beer and play the game machines, oh and get to meet some of the nicest people on this planet.
2006-02-09Hugh JassAnyone visited this location lately? I was thinking of heading up that way to celebrate some personal goals with CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES but didn't want to make the trip only to find a crab shack.
2005-06-16NickGreat to see a place like this. Cool to see so many pinball machines.............
2004-05-13Jason B.Man oh man, I grew up making the drive to this place and still do---Not only is it alive and well, the PLACEMENT OF THE MACHINES hasn't even changed in aprox. 20 years I've been going there. They even have two copies of my favorite game, Gyruss. The food, is ok, not great, but pretty cheap, and cheap beer. The steamed shrimp's not bad, and the crabs are ok, but better can be had. In any case, you can definitely go just to play games---they're all in a seperate big room, you can buy cans of beer and carry 'em in, it's a real down and dirty Anne Arundel County atmosphere---lots of big guts and the trucker/waterman look reigns supreme. I still go regularly, and just brought my girlfriend's 3 and 6 year old out there, it was ablast watching them play the same Asteroids and Missle Command machines that hooked me years ago. They're open late, too, which is nice. and lots of the pinball machines give you 5 balls for a quarter, including my fave Black Knight 2000. It's WELL worth the trip, and ignore the unassuming look from the outside of the building. The glory that awaits is truly amazing.
2004-03-05ABRHey, I'm thinking about making the trip out here one day soon. Just wondering, what exactly is this place like? I mean, the name makes it sound like a Seafood restaurant. If it is, are you expected to eat there if you're just going for the games, or can you just go and play (like Dave & Buster's). Or is it even a restaurant? I know that Crabs are a big thing in Maryland (kind of like cheese to Wisconsin). But if it is a restaurant, how expenisve is it?
2003-12-08Danny ClarkCrab Town is now taking better care of their games. It is a lot of fun to go there every once in a while and play.
2003-04-27Jim of RestonWent by today and it seems Gorf has it's voice back. Also, someone stole the gun on Crackshot! They added a Defender. However, the screen is very white. I hope they get more Williams games though -- like Robotron!
2003-01-16JimWow! I wonder what a fair price is? I'd like to get one just for the cabinet and functioning monitor. I can fix/replace the controlers if needed. I'll have to go down there and take a look, so long as it's a JAMMA cab.
2003-01-15McAllisterFallsChurch@yahoo.comYou can buy a game from them if you offer the owner a fair price. Be carefull!!. A lot of those boards are just so old. Much of the game glitch (flip screens) My friend and I are dissapointed that they don't intend to keep up the collection with maintenance. Some of the older games have no sound Donkey Kong and Gorf. Crabtown still Rocks. I like the fact you can drink a beer and play games.
2003-01-14JimI live about 10 minutes from Crab Town, me and a buddy of mine used to play games there all the time. It's amazing to see quite a collection of Arcade games of that vintage. I'm very pleased to hear that it has re-opened, I'll definately be visiting there soon. Wonder if I could buy a game or 2 off them, hmm.
2003-01-03McAllisterFallsChurch@yahoo.comThe place exists!!! I drive from Virginia 40 miles to play games. They have a 109 coin operated games. 12-15 are broken. Therefore the place has roughly 90 games. Take Baltimore Washington Parkway to exit 100 to Glen Burnie. Getting there the first time is hard. I still get lost every time and I lived in Maryland 20years. The place is great. You can drink beer in the game room. Perhaps that is why some games are broken. Donkey Kong has no sound. Missle Command starts to flip its screen after 15,000 points or 10minutes of play. Still a great place. Just hard to find. It exists.
2003-01-03McAllisterFallsChurch@yahoo.comThe place exists!!!!! They have 90 working coin-op games!!
2003-01-03Mark from MarylandGorf is broken. But you can connect the wires in the joystick to fire and play. Crabtown is a cool place to have a beer and play old classics. You can drink in the game room.
2002-05-29MarianneI live in Glen Burnie, Md. very near Crab Town USA it is listed in the yellow pages and it has just recently re-opened. I'm not sure if everything is open or just certain parts. It is open though. Located 1510 Crain Highway, phone is 410-761-6118.
2002-05-25Tim Stone I played the games on 5/25/02. The above list is about accurate, it's really good to find classic games. It's REALLY hot in there. AC is not broken, it's nonexistant.
2002-05-14Mack B.I went there in Dec. 2001 & it was closed. The last time I played there sometime in early 2001 the Gorf game was quite rough, semi-broken joystick and the GLARE from the overhead fluorescent lights was intense. Just made it more of a challenge :-) I've been there about ten times over the last 18 years, it is really a classic. I will go see if it is open tomorrow.
2002-04-29dcdenSuper Mario Bros. is very stingy with bonus lives (either at 250 or 300 coins, not the usual 100). Donkey Kong screen has seen better days, but it's essentially still playable. All in all, a great selection and I will definitely be back. A word of caution: the air conditioning is not that great so dress appropriately.
2002-04-23DanCrab Towne is open and it's simply amazing. Apparently stuck in a time warp ("newer" games like Afterburner are 50 cents, everything else a quarter), the highlight is easily the Tapper machine in pristine condition. The above list looks pretty accurate.
2002-04-17John H.I was also there! The list above is still fairly accurate, but I'm not sure if Hat Trick is still there, and a few of the games were turned off (Like Crime City). There's also a slew of pinball machines not mentioned. There were at least 15-20 of those.. I remember Kiss, Dr. Dude and his Awesome Ray, Popeye, and Twister. I can't remember the rest, maybe I'll write them down next time I go. :) A couple of the games have busted controls, but pretty much everything is in good playable condition. We all smiled just walking into a place with this many classic games (which is a rarity in our area) I'll be going back often. :)
2002-04-15Doug V.I was there today and the game room is open.
2002-03-01ChuckrexI called March 1, they said should be opening in a couple weeks.
2002-02-13keith family and I have been going there since the 70's its there!
2002-02-11MargaretI just called and the fellow who answered said the game room is set to reopen around March 1st. You should probably phone and check before heading out there, just to be sure, though: 410-761-6118.
2002-01-26patriciai like to play bowl o rama
2002-01-04Peter JohannsenDid the fire destroy the games posted here rendering this list obsolete? Has it reopened yet and has anyone been there to check it out? I want to visit but wouldn't want to drive there for no reason.
2002-01-01taper88I live close by, Crabtown USA is there.
2001-11-13Miss JanetA fire caused alot of damage and the place will be closed for awhile. I heard by the end of the year it will reopen..better than ever with new games/old favorites and lots of fun..who needs the giant rat when you got crabtown!!
2001-10-30mcdefjefSpoke to the lady 10/30. "Getting closer to opening" she says. Hopefully by year's end. She assured me that the games would return.
2001-08-18chalinchick on phone estimates opening in october, 2001
2001-08-16dcdenOh really? I went by yesterday, and the "Closed due to renovations" sign was up. There were no other cars in the parking lot. Is there something I'm missing?
2001-08-16RPWell, like I said it is there, but it is being renovated, im just trying to say that it does exist.
2001-08-16Richard M.Any idea when the renovations will be completed?
2001-08-15R PCrabtowne is there, I've played the games more than a few times... it most certainly exists.
2001-07-07ErikCrab Town is alive and well. Crab Town USA Inc 1510 Crain Highway South, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 (410) 761-6118
2001-06-17John HWell, it does exist, but I have called and they said it isn't open at the moment due to rennovations. Crabtown USA is on Crain Highway/ Route 3 close to a overhead bridge, surrounded by a Hardees, a Target, Walmart and darn close to one end of Veterans highway and a exit to 97. Theres a gigantic sign with a idiotic looking crab, you can't miss it :) Hope this helped. I'm dying to find some decent old school arcades near me sometime soon :P
2001-06-03Richard M.The map feature used by this site is questdex and their database needs updating. Therefore, the inability to find a place using the map feature does -not- mean it doesn't exist. And if it does exist, it might not even be named "Crabtown". That said, I checked mapblast and mapquest and couldn't find any arcade there either. (Which proves nothing.) If anyone can confirm whether this place exists, please post.
2001-05-27Bill P.For the 2nd largest classic game collection listed on this website, it seems very surprising that no one has left any commentary on this place. This may be due to the fact that it no longer exists. The address link claims that there is no such place, and what's more, there is absolutely no mention of any place called "Crabtown" in Glen Burnie, Maryland, other than on this website. Perhaps someone could verify for certain whether this place is up and running or not. If not, then this location should be delisted. In any case, thank the lord, Funspot in New Hampshire, the world's (and this website's) largest classic game collection is still alive and well. I hope someone will clarify the situation on Crabtown as soon as possible. Cheers.

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