Magic Johnson Theatre

Largo, Maryland, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-08
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Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981

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2009-02-22ZachApparently Gloria doesn't understand that this is a site for CLASSIC ARCADE GAME LISTINGS (capitalized for emphasis), not the Magic Johnson Theater complaint department. Send her comment straight to the looney bin! BTW Gloria, you sound bitter and since you're an old woman, I can understand why: you feel inferior next to younger, prettier women when you see them. Maybe you looked good in your younger years, but that was then, this is now. Boo-hoo, cry a river somewhere else, please! Just to make this comment arcade-related, I'm surprised that a modern-day movie theater would actually have a classic game (well, actually a reissue of two classics). All my local theaters are devoid of the classics from the '70s and '80s, but then again, I don't go to movie theaters for my arcade fix.
2009-02-22RWMWow... Three looney-bin comments in a row! Gloria's comments had nothing to do with classic arcade games. But my mom is in a similar situation to Gloria, so at least I can empathize. But why does one have to be a Christian to enjoy a night out at the movies? And she should have directed her plight to theatre management and not to this forum! ... Zach's comment was so demeaning of the elderly that it just wasn't acceptable... Gangsta's comment was probably the least looney, although it went a little on a tangent and I would hardly regard 47 year-old Barack Obama as "aging"... So, please keep the comments about the game room and the classic machines that are there. :)
2009-02-21Gangsta'Gloria, do you like classic arcade games? I guess all of us who enjoyed them when we were young are just a hip-hop, jump or skip from being senior citizens, handicapped in a wheelchair. My solution (for me), is to wait as long as possible until I die and then go to that big glorious video arcade in the sky, where all the rude hip hopsters are not allowed go, where people laugh in ironic judgment at anyone who would let their clown pants fall down to their knees when they walk, where 80's music blares like its brand new, and my own handicapped wrists and feet don't ache so very fast when I play. Hey Magic (what a truly great guy!), what's up? Come on, this place has your name on it! There are a lot of old handicapped basketball players who might want to visit your theater. And, please add some more classic games for Goodness sake! BTW, I love having Obama as a president (another aging basketball player); it's almost as exiting as having the flying cars we were supposed to have.
2009-02-20Gloria ChandlerAs a retiree, senior, and handicap person, there needs to be more handicap access seating. Most of these young people are so rude and their feet all over the rails and seats it is terrible. This nice and wonderful theatre put here for everyone to enjoy there needs to be better supervision to be able to enjoy movies. As a handicap person, I cannot go up the steps, and when I have need of a lower seat, no one will get up so I do not have to go up the steps. Here I stand with my purse, cane, and popcorn, and then I have to climb steps to sit down. I have tried to get the door person to let me go in first to sit because I have difficulty standing for long periods of time. Now, one or so will be nice enough to let me go on in first, but most won't. Therefore, this keeps me from coming to try and enjoy and evening out at the movies, and I am usually always alone, and as a Christian It would be nice to get out to a movie every now and then. I keep away for the reasons above. Is there a remedy? Thank you.

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