Pinball Petes (Near U of M)

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
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Location games last seen on:2007-11
Last change to this page:2008-01

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Buster Bros.Centipede Donkey Kong Frogger
Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man

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2011-01-13Dan RHi i am looking for a eight ball pinball machine do you know were i can find one? Thanks Dan
2010-05-05Jon KlinkelJohnny B - Klassic Arcade in Gobles (also listed here) has Addams Family, maybe both.
2009-01-01Johnny BAnyone know where funhouse or addams family pinball can be played at in michigan??? Looking from west michigan area...
2008-05-18Sergio MartinezJust got back form there they have the original Donkey Kong, all three house of the dead games, time crisis 2,3,4 and crisis zone, paraparaParadise, DrumMania, DanceMania, 3 DDR stations (5th mix and extreme and one other.) They also had an original Ms Pac-man, Metal slug 2 and 4 Point blank 2, Quizes and dragons (lol) Buste-a-move, buster bros, tetris and several guitar freaks games (all 4th mix I think) They also had gunblade, some weird japanese shooting game with pink and blue cats called ohbyakkuu? They also had a sword fightin simulator type games and of course tons of pinball games including lord of the rings, simpsons and pirate of the Caribbean
2008-03-25CrocHunterAnyone know where you can still play that dumb whack-a-gator game in Southeast Michigan? I forget exactly what it's called, but it's like Whack-a-mole with gators? "Wacky Gator," "Gator Panic," something like that... Anyone?
2008-03-052012allthewayIf ann arbor didnt have PBP.....we'd be screwed nothing happenes round here and thats like our only form of fun in the winter.... and PBP is like the best arcade in MICHIGAN and its downtown so not out of the way for anyone in A2
2008-01-31kongdo they have donkey kong?
2007-04-07dougi love me some pinball petes!
2006-10-09CindyDoes anyone know if they sell t-shirts?
2006-07-15P BeePete's is one of the best arcades in Michigan. They have all sorts of classics and pinball machines. They have tournaments for those games as well. They have a huge selection of music games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freaks, Drummania and Para Para Paradise. They have air hockey tables, skill intensive games that spit out tickets and lots of driving games. The assortment of fighting games will make any fan happy, with Marvel vs. SNK, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Soul Caliber 2 and Tekken 5. There are 4 or 5 pool tables to shoot at and this is all in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, where many other attractions reside. One of the best places to hang out at night in Michigan. Just bring money.
2006-03-05AnonymousThey have Mr. Do. I can't remember if there was splaterhouse or not.
2005-06-23Mike WatersI for one would like to play Mr. Do! again in arcade form and also I would like to play an arcade machine of Splatterhouse. Does anyone know if either of those games are still at Pinball Pete's?
2003-08-22Pico The RevolverBilly, what is your problem? Look at the big picture: Arcades are a business. Business' are there to make money. Classic games, although fun, at one-quarter for a long play turn, don't make a lot of money. Besides, if you don't like those "non-english games", you should at least say why instead of the reason of "it's not in English". Pinball petes has plenty of classic games, lots of imports, and is pretty up-to-date on the new games. Great place, and the fans on the Dance Dance Revolution machines are very much appreciated.
2003-01-12GraboidThis used to be one of the most crowded arcades I have been to, but recently it has slowed down a bit. It has Tron, and that is all I care about! The non-smoking move is a plus since I have allergic reactions to nicotine (or one of the other thousands of substances in cigarettes). They also have some classic pinball machines such as Creature from the Black Lagoon.
2002-07-19moob2001some of the change machines do not always accept the new style dollar bills
2002-06-12dcdenI went to the arcade in early April and loved it. I went on a Friday afternoon and it was not crowded at all. I spent about $5 on the classic games. The other games mentioned did not bother me. Sure, it may not be a "true" classic arcade, but given that the classic arcade games are so hard to find these days, I didn't really care!
2002-05-27Richard M.[Edited...] Billy, it's too bad the 1980's couldn't last forever. But welcome to the new reality known as "2002". As long as Dance Dance Revolution (or as I like to call the game, "Loudmouth") makes money for the arcades, we'll just have to grin and bear it. I -would- patronize the arcade and -let- the owner know that the classics are very much appreciated! If he thinks the classics are profitable to keep, he'll keep them. Oh and one last thing ... many of us, myself included, do not smoke and would prefer not having to deal with second-hand smoke.
2002-05-17BillyPete's is crappy arcade. It's now aimed at little kids and families even though this has NEVER been the owners intentions. A "new guy" who will remain nameless has ruined the Pete's name. Do NOT patronize this arcade, it's not worth the money. There are a small handful of old games left, they got rid of most of them to make room for fluffy animals, picnic tables, big stupid neon signs, and LOTS of those lovely non-english games like Dance Dance revolution. This is NOT a classic arcade anymore. There is hardly anyone there anymore (it used to be THE place on a friday night), and the owners are loosing BIG time bucks due to other problems (building owners told them to make the arcade non-smoking or they would evict them, this a problem all over the city too).
2002-01-29Mike VincentThis is the best arcade in USA if you like Japanese imports or music game or like the newest and best this is the place to be!
2002-01-29the real erikPIn ball petes is my favorite, I would live there is I could.
2001-11-09smblionIf you can deal with the terribly rude employees, it's a blast
2001-03-20ErikGaplus/Galaga 3 is available, though it hasn't worked for the past couple of weeks. Ms. Pac-Man has alternate mazes.
2000-11-12Keith K Smith (Flat Rock, MI)Pac-Man Plus not working as of 11-05-00. Ms. Pac-Man machine actually a disguise for "Ms. Pac-Man Plus" board configuration, and board shape changes every 2 screens on this particular machine.
2000-07-26nplummerBattlezone not working as of 7-26-00

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